Journey Log

Wednesday April 29th:
Journey Work: Trying to decide how much of my spiritual work I should share online…

Background: When it comes to my spiritual work, and beliefs I tend to play my cards close to my chest, or else I used to. I have posted a little bit about it here, and I had a feeling that I should make this a regular thing.

I undertook this journey looking for advice in regards to sharing, more about my spiritual side, and I found it in an interesting way. I see a strong tie in with my creativity and art with my spiritual side, so the being I spoke with is logical, thought it was not someone I ever expected. I started out with plans to go to the upper world; this is where I tend to go for spiritual/creative advice. The journey there was uneventful, and I began to wander around. The intention of this journey was very vague, and I was not sure what I was looking for, but soon found my answer.

As I wandered, I came across a stream that was filled with vibrant colors, so I decided follow it up stream. After a short trip, I found an older man pouring various cans of dye into the stream. I stood there looking at him for a bit before I recognized him; the man in the stream was Andy Warhol. About the time I recognized him, as acknowledged me, and nodded his head toward a large rock.  We headed over there and sat and chatted for a while. I remember asking him about being in the upper world (normally I encounter spirits in the underworld,) and he responded yeah, I was there for a while, but it is so much more colorful here. I joked that was only because he was pouring colors into the water.

I chatted with him about art, and spirituality, looking for a bit of advice on how much I should share.  He mentioned that he wished he had been more open about his beliefs, and that he wished he had not been afraid of being recognized in church, but that was in the past. His advice was each person is ultimately responsible for their own decisions, and he would not tell me what to do, but left me with the feeling that sharing my beliefs and thoughts was the correct path, so expect more journey logs here in the future… 

Tuesday April 28th:

Journey Work: Attempt to determine if I should include Gabija in the Grove necklace I am creating.

Background: I am creating a Necklace for the Druid Grove I belong t, I purchased Beads that represent the grove, myself, my deities, and two of the deities that are major in the grove. One of these was Gabija, well when I went to put the beads away the Gabija beads were nowhere to be found, the beads I received with them are there, but hers are not. She tends to be a female only goddess, so I decided to see if I should remove her beads from the plan.

First off a quick note: If doing journeying at work, even if only for 15 minutes, take a break before heading back to your desk, my head is still discombobulated.  

For the Journey, it was an odd one, I attempted to head to the upper world, and find Gabija and ask if I should include her. I should know better than think anything with the Gods would be so simple. First off I was pulled towards the lower world, where I found myself in a cave. I did not find Gabija, but Sigyn. This was very interesting, as she is a goddess I am strongly drawn to, though there is little know of her in Norse myths. In researching her, it seems most people who follow her are women, and I was wondering if I was truly being called by her. She told me that with my stubbornness and as deeply as I love that yes, she was calling me, and I was should have been able to see that without her having to tell me (again.) We spoke at some length, but about what I could not tell you, I only remember some of it, I am sure as it becomes important I will remember. I do remember asking about Gabija, and her response, was that she could/would not speak about a goddess for another world, but if Gabija was hiding the beads from me then it seemed to her that someone did not want her included. She said I should wait until I have all my supplies, and if I find the beads before I have all the material I would know that they should be included. She also mentioned that if I attempted to contact Gabija again she would not interrupt me again. I have not yet decided if I will try to reach her or not, there is a reason the beads are missing, and why I was not able to reach her…

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