Daily Rune Draws August 2015

Day 76: Saturday August 1st, (Rune Drawn: Thurisaz) Reactive force, conflict, this is a rune that makes since to draw on the day I will compete in a set of warrior games.  Sadly it might also represent the universe striking back at me for pushing myself too hard over the last few weeks, as this is the day I developed the start of a summer cold. 

Day 77: Sunday August 2nd, (Rune Drawn: Elhaz) : Protection, a shield, great restraint. Today I felt like crap. I see this rune reflecting the restraint I used in attending the Sunday school at the white river proto grove. I did want to go, but my body did not want me to, also Amy wanted to go. So we went, I felt a little bad for not participating more than I did, but at least I had a little input.

Day 78: Monday August 3rd, (Rune Drawn: Wunjo) : Joy, comfort, pleasure,  fellowship, harmony, prosperity. I am puzzled by this rune, on a day I feel so bad. There is the joy of seeing Amy at lunch for our walks, and she does have Wunjo tattooed on her back, but there may be more. There is the fact the family will be back today, and it will be nice to see them, but there may be more. I’ll just go through the day and see what joy I can find.

Day 79: Tuesday August 4th, (Rune Drawn: Kenaz) : The rune of knowledge, and allowing us to see clearly. Some how I think this may have been a warning. As you may have known I have been increasing the amount of walking I am doing. Well my walking partner for lunch was otherwise engaged, so I went out myself, and went further and faster than we normally go. That night as she had not walked we decided to walk the river trail, and ended up doing 4 more miles. Well I was not wearing the best shoes and now I have both sore feet and a blister. Clearly I did not use my knowledge to prevent harm to myself.

Day 80: Wednesday August 5th, (Rune Drawn: Eihwaz) : A rune Indicating that I have set my sights on a reasonable target and can achieve your goals.  Indicating the driving force to acquire, providing motivation and a sense of purpose. A rune I am happy to see, as I focus more on my health, and fitness. Gives me hope that with my small step approach that I will be able to slowly move my life back to the track I want it on. 

Day 81: Thursday August 6th, (Rune Drawn: Mannaz) : Another rune that it pushing me in the right direction. I have been puching myself, walking (at least a bit) with my sore foot. I am not over doing it, but I am not letting a small pain stop me as I would have in the past. Mannaz tells us that we can achieve thing and achieve our fullest potential. I take this as a great run in the light of the changes I am making in my life. Thank you to all the kindreds for helping to keep me motivated.

Day 82: Friday August 7th, (Rune Drawn: Sowulo) : Success and goals achieved. A good rune for today, I accomplished quite a bit, the big thing being it has now been a month since I had soda. This is the biggest reason I am down 2 notches on m y belt. Yay! For achieving goals.

Day 83: Saturday August 8th, (Rune Drawn: Laguz) : Water, healing power. I am pretty sure the weather is changing, which helps explain the horrible headache. I will take the runes advice and do little, and heal.

Day 84: Sunday August 9th, (Rune Drawn: Berkano) : Renewal and new beginnings, I wish I could start the weekend over, I still have a blighted headache. Luckily I am going to the folk fest with Amy, so I will get out of the house. Hope a walk is involved, I am sure if there is a trip to the dairy store it’ll be a walk. Also of note this is my favorite of the runes I made. I love the look of this one.

Day 85: Monday August 10th, (Rune Drawn: Jera) : the year, results for a task. With the end of my soda ban, I see the end of a major task. Also I see Jera as a reminder to keep up the good work and keep off the soda. I may have one now and then with certain food, but only once in a while, and never more than 1 a day.

Day 86: Tuesday August 11th, (Rune Drawn: Isa) : A challenge or frustration. Oh my Gods could I draw a better rune today. I had a soda last night and ewww, did not taste very good at all. Maybe the habit is kicked. I also had Nachos with peppers. I am allergic to them, and this time also confirmed that eating them make me angry, and easily frustrated. Everything is making me annoyed; I will get better before date night. Also really need to not eat peppers again.

**** Break for Summerland ****

I attended the ADF festival of Summerland, and though I took my runes, I decided that with all the work that was going on there, I would take a break from the daily draws.

Day 87: Sunday August 16th, (Rune Drawn: Fehu) Domestic cattle/Wealth…Luck, Possessions, Signs of hope & happiness, Social success. All of these are in my opinion moveable wealth. Drawing this rune on the day I return from Summerland, well it means a lot. This was a wonderful event. Though there were workshops I missed due to volunteering my time in the kitchen, it was nice to spend time working with jerry and Alex. So much happened at summerland, the most important was getting to watch Amy be ordained, so I now get to call her a Reverend. There was also the dancing, and singing. One night we spent under the pavilion with people singing, and well me doing a huge sidewalk chalk zentangle. Two night were spent dancing around the fire late into the night, it is an amazing feeling, drawing energy from the fire to fuel the continued dancing.

Day 88: Monday August 17th, (Rune Drawn: Eihwaz)  The Yew tree. In the ending of an event there is a new beginning That you have reasonable goals in your sights. With the end of summerland, and my 2nd large gathering ADF ritual, I am surer than ever that I am on the correct path. This is a rune motivating me to seriously work on my DP. It is also a poke reminding me I want to start working out again. That will make tonight a busy night, I need to mow, and get a work out in. Maybe a short walk also.

Day 89: Tuesday August 18th, (Rune Drawn: Laguz)  Water, flowing with life energy allowing organic growth, also telling me I need to go with the flow.  A good rune for today when my body recovers from my 1st serious workout in months. I am listening to my body more and it feels very good to get home and not sit down with my computer in front of the TV right away. This is feeling natural so I hope that I’ll continue this behavior, this ties in well with the organic growth. I hope it is not literally water, as Amy and I hope to walk the river trail this evening.

Day 90: Wednesday August 19th, (Rune Drawn: Uruz)  The Auroch, the wild ox. A rune full of strength, health and potential. A good rune for today. Though I have a touch of poison Ivy, and I am taking a lot of Benedryl, I still feel pretty amazing after my weekend at Summerland. The energy there was amazing, and it filled a void that I did not know was empty. Also today is the second day of my new workout and there is nothing like lifting and tossing around heavy rocks. Also of interest yay for my 90th rune pull. I think it is time to start the weekly castings.

Day 91: Thursday August 20th, (Rune Drawn: Kenaz)  The torch, knowledge and understanding. A rune advising we look at a situation with more clarity than we normally would. Mayhap I am being advised to break down and see the Dr. about the poison Ivy. I really need to, and I always wait too long.

Day 92: Friday August 21st, (Rune Drawn: Othala)  Home or ancestral property. Ties to a group where your heart belongs. My family is as much my friends as it is my physical family. The rune reminds me of this, on a day where I should start working on getting the house ready for the party tomorrow.

Day 93: Saturday August 22nd, (Rune Drawn: Uruz)  Strength, and endurance again. This on a day I need it. Today is the day of our S’moregasam party. I have planned that I’ll not necessarily eat great today, but I think I may need strength watch what I eat. I also broke down and and went to the Dr and got a prescription for steroids, to fight my poison Ivy, and I feel gross. So I will need to push myself to accomplish all I want.

Day 94: Sunday August 23rd, (Rune Drawn: Othala)  Home or ancestral property.  A good rune for today, after the fire last night, I have made a decision. I think I will be doing a fire every weekend I am home and doing a core order Ritual. I want to embrace the ADF more, and I think by doing the ritual myself I will be able to become more at ease with the ritual. After working a few hours this sunday, it is nice to be home, though the rain will keep me from working outside.
Day 95: Monday August 24th, (Rune Drawn: Uruz) Strength, and endurance yet again. It is interesting how I went for a long time only seeing the rune once, but now I have seen it three times in the last few days. I have starting working out, and I am feeling much better, and I am starting to feel strong. The runes help me keep focused. This was a push for me today, as I have a busy time after work, but I am planning on working out. Today is a strength day, and though I have limited time, I will still do my rock lifting. Thanks for the reminder.

Day 96: Tuesday August 25th, (Rune Drawn: Inguz) The Earth God, fertility. A time of relief, of no anxiety, family love. Well tonight was to be date night, but Boots had a prior engagement. So we delayed it. We decided I’d swing over and hang out after her shopping. I was ready for the hanging out, and happy it was not a date night. I was spent the steroids are kicking my but, ugghh. I just wanted to be cuddled in with a show, and then early bed, and that’s just what I got.

Day 97: Wednesday August 26th, (Rune Drawn: Perdhro) A rune of memory and problem solving. With my brain muddled with steroids, I need this rune. It will be a busy day, at work, and after. Tonight is the business meeting of the grove, and there are lots to go over. Though I am not an officer it is nice to be there to know what’s going on and to have a say. Also Friends!

Day 98: Thursday August 27th, (Rune Drawn: Ehwaz) The horse, for success there must be a natural flow. I may be getting grief from the kindred. I ate to many peppers this week and I am paying for it. On top of that I have new glasses and they are making me feel sick. Home for a nap, and an easy night.

Day 99: Friday August 28th, (Rune Drawn: Elhaz) The Elk, protection, Connection with the gods, awakening, higher life. With the new art I am doing the connection is easy to see. Also date night and we may end up doing pysanky, that means I may work on my egg for the Aitvaras.

Day 100: Saturday August 29th, (Rune Drawn: Teiwaz) First off, today is the 100th rune draw, this I feel is an amazing accomplishment for me. It has dawned on me, that one of the reasons I do this is to learn the runes, and I am kind of. I will need to start studying them more also. The rune of Tyr, an honorable rune. I think pulling this on day 100 is fitting. Though I am not tied to the Norse Pantheon, though I do have a fondness for Sygin, I find Tyr interesting. So pulling his rune on day 100 is a little bit of a boost for me.

Day 101: Sunday August 30th, (Rune Drawn: Ansuz) The rune of Odin, or advice from on high. A wonderful rune to see on this the day after our local pagan pride day. Yesterday was spent with members of my grove, supporting the local pagan community. I see pulling this rune today as the shining ones saying, yes this was a good way for you to spend your day. I look as the rune being approval for yesterday, as today I have very few plans.

Day 102: Monday August 31st, (Rune Drawn: Fehu) Domestic cattle and or wealth.  Not real sure about this rune, and why it showed up today. I will see what comes.

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