Daily Rune Draws May 2015

Day 29: Monday May 31st, (Rune Drawn: Isa) This rune draw disturbed me a little, as I drew it on my girlfriends Birthday, as I was contemplating our relationship. I think mayhap the kindred are telling me not to get complacent and to keep things fresh. I think I have been doing a good job of that so far, though in the past I will admit I have let myself slip into the just going along mind set. As I think on this rune more, I am pretty sure it is a warning, and I think the kindred for that. With the plans I have for us tomorrow I am sure things will be exciting. I hope she likes her birthday trip/adventure. I know it is something she has expressed interest in.

Day 28: Sunday May 30th, (Rune Drawn: Jera) Well, it would seem that I am not getting the message here. Or maybe the Rune is telling me that the rest of the year will be peaceful. I am not 100% sure here, but with as often as this rune is coming up, I do plan on doing some Journey work and/or meditating on it and see if I can nail down just what the Kindred are trying to tell me.
Day 27: Saturday May 29th, (Rune Drawn: Thurisaz), The Rue that signifies conflict. This rune is very appropriate for today. On Facebook there was a bit of druid drama going on, and I was thinking of trying to talk to the parties involved and get them to calm down. This is what I was thinking when this rune was drawn, and I took this rune as a big warning sign not to do so. I took the advice and am happy I did as shortly after; the members advocate did the same thing, and did it better than I could. Not a great rune to draw, but a good one when asking the type question I did. (Sorry about the blurry photo)

Day 26: Friday May 29th, (Rune Drawn: Eihwaz) Yew & Strength. After sitting around yesterday I am feeling anything but strong. Yet, I am seeing a trend in the runes.  I had a wonderful time at the warrior games at wellspring, and I plan on bringing them here to Cedarsong, and the conversation on this has begun. In looking at the runes over the past 26 draws, I can see many of them are pointing me to follow this path. I am sure there is a reason I keep drawing the same runes, and most likely it’s because I have a thick skull, and need things bounced of it for a bit, before I “get it.” I really do thing the runes have been both preparing me, and telling me that the warrior’s guild is at least one of the paths that I should follow. Time to start the DP program work in earnest.

Day 25: Thursday May 28st, (Rune Drawn: Ansuz) he Ancestral Sovereign God, Odin or Dievas. This rune can also indicate good health and harmony, and with my burn, and having eaten foods I should not have eaten, I took this as an It’s OK. I can be a bit of a hypochondriac, and having an upset stomach was not helping, even though I knew when the trouble was. So this is almost a lecture from “dad” saying hey your fine!

Day 24: Wednesday May 27th, (Rune Drawn: Sowulo) The Sun, goals achieved. I am not sure if this is the kindred having fun with me or not.  Drawing the sun on the day I burned myself, almost feels like the kindred are sticking their tongues out at me. In this case I can almost see the smirk on Mikes face, as he guided my hand. I could be wrong on this meaning, but it feels right.

Day 23: Tuesday May 26th, (Rune Drawn: Elhaz) The Elk, or Protection. While at Wellspring I took part in the warrior games and had a blast. I also connected with a number of the members of the warriors guild, and I was leaning towards joining the guild.  This morning while doing my rune draw I was thinking of this, and the rune drawn seems to say, yes this is the correct path, as the role of the warrior, is the role of protector. This rune can also indicate a connection with the gods, and as time goes on, I see these connections strengthening.

<Break> I was away at wellspring from May 22 to May 25, While there I decided to not do may daily rune draws.

Day 22: Thursday May 21st, (Rune Drawn: Berkano) Birch Tree. This rune symbolizes new birth, in this case not literally, but I believe in spiritual growth. I have been an animistic / shamanic follower for a few years, and have recently become involved with the ADF. Today I leave for my 1st large ADF gathering, and this could be seen as really my birth into the ADF. I look forward to seeing what the weekend holds. 

Day 21: Wednesday May 20th, (Rune Drawn: Sowilo) The Sun. I drew this rune looking for guidance for my upcoming trip to Wellspring. This will be my first ADF festival, and I am looking forward to it, but it is a little intimidating. When I saw Sowilo, honestly I was hoping it was indicating the weather for the weekend, but I figure it is more than that. With the whole contacting with the higher self, and the unconscious thing going on with the rune, I see that as a good omen for wellspring. The rune can also indicate power being available for positive change, and I cannot think of a place more positive energy may be sound than a druid festival

Day 20: Tuesday May 19th (Rune Drawn: HagalazHail, Wrath of nature, destructive, uncontrolled forces, especially the weather, or within the unconscious. Tempering, testing, trial. Controlled crisis, leading to completion, inner harmony. I was not sure where this rune came from, it did not feel like it belongs to me today. I shall see, if something comes up today. The only thing I can think of is over the last few weeks with the thought/energy I have been putting into refining my spiritual beliefs, that may finally be coming to completion. We shall see......

Day 19: Monday May 18th (Rune Drawn: Blank) ?????, it is interesting….I made the blank rune as so many sets come with it. I was not sure about placing it in the bag for doing my rune draws and today I got my answer. From the moment the rune found its way into my hand things felt wrong. After looking at it and thinking about it, I have decided this rune has no place in my set, I will place it in safe keeping as a replacement incase on of the runes gets damaged. I find it odd that a question can be answered by itself, yet the more I use my runes, the more open to these messages I become.

Day 18: Sunday May 17th (Rune Drawn: Eihwaz) The yew tree again. Ever feel like the universe is telling you something. I take the time to make sure the runes are mixed well before I pull one. I will keep mixing until one tends to stick into my hand, at which point I pull it. I do this each time, and it fascinates me when I pull the same rune more than once. The rune tells me that I have set my sights on a reasonable target and can achieve my goals. I take this as a good sign, and once I get back from wellspring, I will start in earnest on my DP program.

Day 17: Saturday May 16th (Rune Drawn: Eihwaz) The yew tree, Enlightenment, endurance, strength, dependability. On a day where I was mostly out of it, this was a good rune to draw. I little extra strength and endurance on a day when needed. I love it when the universe and the kindred give me what I need.
Day 16: Friday May 15th (Rune Drawn: Ansuz) The Ancestral Sovereign God a.k.a. Odin. Also answers, blessings and taking advice. This is an interesting pull. As I have been working with the runes, I have been pretty out of it, the use of the runes works a spiritual muscle that has not been used in a while and it is like starting a new workout. I see this as a rune encouraging me to keep at the work, which it will get easier. Sometimes advice and encouragement comes from unexpected sources, then you Odin for the support.

Day 15: Thursday May 14th, (Rune Drawn: Kenaz) The torch, illumination, knowledge. What a wonderful rune to pull after last night. Last night was our groves study night, and what did we study but runes, with Kenaz being one of the runes we reviewed. Sadly this study night pointed out to me just how much more work I have to do, to become proficient with the use of runes, so pulling Kenaz today is logical. It is the kindred pointing out to me that yes there in more work to be accomplished to reach the full enlightenment of the runes.

Day 14: Wednesday May 13th, (Rune Drawn: Jera) I think the kindred are trying to tell me something. Actually I think that they are not trying to tell me something, as much as support me in the changes I am making in my life. The interesting thing, is that I am slowly entering into better eating, and exercise I feel better already. I am not sure if it is the support of the kindred or just the fact that I am focusing on feeling better, but I currently do not crave the junk food I used to. I am sure that the cutting out of soda will be difficult, as it always seems to be, but I think I can make it this time. Also yay! I nave made it through 2 weeks of rune draws.

Day 13: Tuesday May 12th, (Rune Drawn: Nauthiz) Another day where I draw Nauthiz… I think the Kindreds are telling me I need to stop delaying everything I have planned. It seems each day I come up with a wonderful reason to put off, various things. Getting into shape, working on my new Zentangle challenges, making the next item for my altar, even cleaning the garage, I seem to be lately finding excuses not to do these things. The kindred are poking me, telling me to get off my ass and start doing, and they are not wrong. I will say, for getting into shape, I have a running class tonight, so I will at least be doing something, and I will take the kindreds advice, and work to overcome all the delays I place in my way.

Day 12: Monday May 11th, (Rune Drawn: Jera) the year again, appropriate for the week where I start getting back into shape. I take a running class tomorrow; I start working out again on Thursday (tattoo/back permitting.) I hope to cut out soda on Wednesday, I see this a good omen for the year to come. Jera allows the breaking through of stagnancy, and I hope it means that I can finally break the soda addiction. 

Day 11: Sunday May 10th, (Rune Drawn: Isa) Ice: A time to look inward, to wait for what is to happen, or to seek clarity. Yesterday before I went in for my Tattoo, I helped out grove members whose house was damaged by the extreme cold of this winter. During the clean out, we were moving very heavy cast iron radiators, and while pulling one out, I strained my back. Between the pain from my back and my body dealing with a new tattoo, I pretty much drew into myself today. I used it as a day of relaxation and quiet contemplation. So Isa seems to be a perfect rune for today.

Day 10: Saturday May 9th, (Rune Drawn: Nauthiz) I do not think a more perfect rune could have been drawn for today. The rune itself is Need; it can also indicate delays and or restrictions. Recognition of one’s own fate, and major changes to one’s self. Now This is the day I receive my 1st tattoo, I have tried many times in the past, and Major crises’ kept coming up and causing my to delay my 1st tattoo. It is over 20 years after my first attempt to get a tattoo ended in a car crash, which caused the motor of a friend’s car to fall out of his car. The Major self-initiated change is also obvious with the Tattooing of my body. Having the world tree, permanently adhered to myself about as major of a change as they come.

Day 9: Friday May 8th, (Rune Drawn: Jera) This rune in its basic form represents that year, or a good harvest. I read that it can indicate breaking through stagnancy. This meaning I see as being key. For years I have wanted a Tattoo, and each time I tried to get one something catastrophic would happen. Because of this, I put off thinking about it for years. Recently I felt called to get a tattoo and I have been thinking about it for a while now, and the right one finally was found. Tomorrow I go under the needle, and I see today’s draw as the Kindred telling me that it is truly time.

Day 8: Thursday May 7th, (Rune Drawn: Sowilo) The Sun: Strength, energy, luck, life force achievement.. Power being available to you for positive changes in your life, victory, health, and success. Contact between the higher self and the unconscious. When asking for today’s guidance, I was looking forward to the weekend. I am getting a tattoo Saturday, and each time in the past I have attempted this, something catastrophic has happened. I think that was mainly due to me not thinking the earlier ones through, so the world was keeping me from making a mistake. The one I have planned has many meanings to me and is not being done on the spur of the moment, and I think the draw today was to set my mind at ease. The Tattoo will be a physical representation of contact between my higher self and my unconscious. I will post about the tattoo with photos once it is done.

Day 7: Wednesday May 6th, (Rune Drawn: Ehwaz) The Horse: Gradual development and steady progress are indicated. Harmony, teamwork, trust, loyalty. An ideal partnership. An interesting rune to pull, the morning I wake up with my partner. It is interesting to note that at the time of the pull I was feeling a little guilty that I had not woke up enough that I Amy and I could draw our runes at the same time (damn you Benadryl.) I think the rune confirms that even though I was feeling guilty, I should not. Amy and I have a wonderful relationship, and are very happy with one another, and the rune was conformation the out partnership is a good one.

Note, this was my 1st pull using my new runes, and it just makes me love them more.

Day 6: Tuesday May 5th, (Rune Drawn: Fehu) Wealth or domestic cattle are the original meaning of the rune, It is seen as a rune of productivity. In taking up the Runes, Diana L. Paxton mentions that the productivity could be tied to Spiritual or artistic creativity, physical fertility, or the ability to create or to maintain wealth can be indicated, or it may signify an improvement in one’s finances or health. I see the drawing of this rune as a double message, it is telling me that I should peruse the path to a healthier me. The other was a prod telling me to increase my creative side and get caught up on the posts to this blog.

Day 5: Monday May 4th, (Rune Drawn: Kenaz) The torch again, it is really odd how the runes I draw each day, so closely match either my feelings or my inner dialog each day. I have been thinking of trying to get back into shape, not because I am unhappy with my weight but do to the fact that I feel so much better when I am working out. Since my days in the Army I have known I have a warrior’s spirit, and being my better physical shape, actually helps me hone both my mental and spiritual self.  It is interesting to note that I had another rune in my hand but Kenaz jumped out of the cup before I was able to draw the other rune.

Day 4: Sunday May 3rd, (Rune Drawn: Jera) This rune in its basic form represents that year, or a good harvest. I think it is very appropriate that this rune was drawn today. It was drawn latter in the day, as I did not have my stones with me at the fire watch the night before and did not return home until after the ritual. When I did my daily draw I was contemplating the Dedicant program and if I wanted to follow that path. The way I see this is an answer to my question, the ancestors are telling me that yes, I should follow the dedicant path. I will be placing a page here to post all of my dedicant work.

Day 3: (Rune Drawn: Wunjo) This rune means Joy, bliss and happiness. This is a great draw for this day. After sitting out last night under the moon with an amazing bonfire for Beltane, and making offerings I feel amazing. As I begin my exploration of ADF, I am filled with a sense of calm and well being. I am looking forward to the fire watch tonight and ritual tomorrow, it will be nice to take part in them as an actual member of Cedarsong. It may be a little odd being at a druid event without Amy, but it will give me more time to talk with others. In other news as I type this we just had an earthquake here in Michigan....have not felt one here in a few years.

Day 2: (Rune Drawn: Uruz)  This rune ignifies Wild Ox, which is usually seen as a symbol for strength, power and endurance. It can also mean a renewal, as in out with the old and in with the new. This morning when I drew the rune, I was very sleepy. I simply asked the ancestors for guidance, but in my mind I was trying to decide if I was going to go to the fire-watch this weekend. I went out last night to see the new Avengers film and did not get to sleep until almost 4 AM.  I was not sure I wanted to give up a lot of sleep another night this week. Pulling a rune strongly associated with endurance was an answer to an unasked question, so yes I will attend the fire-watch. It is also a rune of new beginnings, and as I am starting out with new dedication to my spiritual path, Uruz was a great Omen for the day.

Day 1: (Rune Drawn: Kenaz) The torch or beacon, a rune of knowledge, understanding, learning and teaching, allowing us to view situations with more clarity. As I begin my journey as a seeker of knowledge, and contemplate starting my Dedicant path in the ADF, this is a most fitting rune. Being a rune associated with knowledge, and understanding, it is an amazing draw as the first rune drawn for my daily runes. It is also a transformative rune, and on this whish is what I would call my first true day as a druid, indicates to me the burning away of the past and the fresh start that is ahead. 

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