July 2016

Runes July 2016

Day - 200
Date: Thursday, July 1st
Rune: Tiwaz -  Tyr, Sky God Honor

What a great thing, my 200th draw falls on July 1st. My plan is to keep these up so that I am not at 400 after a second year of draws So let us get on to the rune for today, I could not be happier to see this rune today. I learned I had done something yesterday that I am not happy about. I was told that it was OK and not a big deal, but it hurt me to the very core of my being.  This mistake lead to me posting the following on facebook. I do not see this as vaugebooking, more of accountabilitybooking.

I have committed what I consider an egregious error. What that was is between me and the universe, but I feel horrible for what I have done. My penance for this error is that I will be turning these two large rocks into much smaller rocks with a 10 pound sledge. I am posting this here for accountability; I will have this done by the end of July. Expect a photo once they are all smashed. This is a photo after the 1st day of smashing; if I finish these and still feel the need for penance I'll acquire another large rock.

So after this pulling the rune Honor and justice I see as a nod that yes I made the correct decision. The rune can be an indication of willingness to self-sacrifice. In this case I see it as more self-punishment. Seeing that a mistake was made and promising to atone for said mistake.

Day - 201
Date: Saturday, July 2nd
Rune: Laguz - Water or a leek
Laguz the lake. Sometimes I have to search for the meaning of the runes, and others they are pretty blatant. As Laguz translates to water, and can indicate a the power of renewal I am not surprised to see this rune here. Today friends and I are meeting others at the Turtle Lake Resort. So the rune already ties into the day pretty well. In addition to the lake there will most likely be nude sunbathing, and that should be both very relaxing, and give me time to recharge after a stressful week.

Day - 202
Date: Sunday, July 3rd
Rune: Inguz – Ing the earth god
The rune that allows us to spread our energy out, with all the travel today I see this rune being a good fit. It is not just travel but, going to 2 parties, one of them twice. So there will be some of my energy left at both places. We are heading out to a house warming party, then to a friend’s Birthday party, maybe back to the housewarming, then home. This could be about 4 hours driving in all. Lucky I have Amy with me, I think I’ll surprise her with some good Ice-cream if I can find a place.

Day - 203
Date: Monday July 4th
Present: Ansuz, Ancestral God, Odin
Challenge: Nauthiz, Need
Outcome: Tiwaz:, Tyr, the sky god

For the present I pulled the rune of Tiwaz the god tyr. Interesting in the location of the present. What I see here is that I am on the right path, and my willingness to self-punish, is a good thing. That this week is really the continuation of last week and that there may still be things to work out.
The challenge rune is Nauthiz or need: Seeing need in the challenge makes me smile a bit. Though I am in a Poly relationship, this is the first time in this relationship where my partner is adding a partner, and I can see that may be challenging, and I may need my partner a bit more during this time. The new person seems to be a good fit, and I hope we end up friends.
Answuz or Answers: Can you ask for a better outcome, I think this indicates if things work out well this week, I will be a better partner, and metamour. This is all I can hope, as being a better partner helps me be a better person.

Day - 204
Date: Tuesday, July 5th
Rune: Gebo -  Gift

There are days the universe has a sick sense of humor. After drawing this ruin I was not sure what the day had ahead, but it seems the gift was not for me. Tuesday is date night, and life decided to give my partner her monthly gift. There is also a literal translation here also, as I did receive a gift today. Actually a great gift, I had left one of my water bottles at the open house on Monday, and my partner got me a replacement. This may seem small, but it is due to having these that I have been able to kick soda.

Day - 205
Date: Wednesday, July 6th
Rune: Perthro:- Dice Cup

We have reached a Wednesday where I do not draw Isa. I think the meaning from the previous weeks made it through my thick skull. I am a bit troubled here as the feeling I am getting here, is that this will be a difficult fasting day. I know I can make it, but last week I got real hungry and I hope today is not worse.

Day - 206
Date: Thursday, July 7tht
Rune: Gebo -  Gift

Another Gift rune, these seem to be popping up. I think I know what this indicates, and I thank the verse for its reminder. I am starting to make the medals for the games at the end of this month today, and I see this as a reminder to start on a gift for Jeff as he steps down as Senior Druid. Time to start the wood working.

Day - 207
Date: Friday, July 8th
Rune: Inguz – Ing the earth god

One thing Inguz can indicate is a time of relief and no stress. I truly hope this is a gift from the verse today. I am planning on doing some work on the games/rune sets I am making. I may play some pokemon go. Also laundry, have to do laundry, should also figure out an outfit for tomorrow. Tonight is the first official date night of the new relationship, so I could use a nice mellow time.

Day - 208
Date: Saturday, July 9th
Rune: Ansuz – ancestral god

This is a rune that indicates the possibility of a revealing message or insight, or maybe getting advice from the gods. Well I am expecting something, for the last while I have been seeing crows (could be raves, but more likely crows, need to figure it out though), sometimes a single on, sometime a few, but often 2. There is a message there but I need to get off my butt and do the journey work and hear what message is being sent..

Day - 209
Date: Sunday, July 10th
Rune: Tiwaz – Tyr the sky god

I have been seeing a lot of this rune; I still see it as pointing me to figuring out what to do with my life. I feel called to something, I am still figuring out what that something is. Coming the day after Ansuz, I feel it pointing me towards something that will be good for me and all mankind. I just do not know what that is yet.

Day - 210
Date: Monday July 11th
Present: Sowilo, The sun
Challenge: Fehu, Welth
Outcome: Wunjo:, Joy

This could not be clearer, set a goal that may be challenged by money, and find happiness. This applies to my physical life, I am working on may health goals, there is a cost, but I am way happier with the way I feel. I now need to apply it to the rest of my life, I need to find that which makes me happy, and not worry about the money.

Day - 211
Date: Tuesday, July 12th
Rune: Ansuz – ancestral god

Again, I feel the runs are repeating themselves. I guess it could be that I am not listening. I will try and do some deep thoughts this weekend, and may a journey or two. We shall see about figuring out what I am being told.

Day - 212
Date: Wednesday, July 13th
Rune: Tiwaz – Tyr the sky god

You cannot make this shit up. The same runes as the weekend, flanking the draw I did on Monday. I get it; I need to figure out what to do. I need to find a way to have an impact in a positive way. I need to honor myself, my friends, my community, and the world.

Day - 213
Date: Thursday, July 14th
Rune: Dagaz – Day or dawn

A new day, and new rune, finally, and it’s the rune of the day. Now that I have figured out and had it beat into me that I need to find my place, I am told that it is time to start planning it. That I can use my own will to direct the change. Time to start the hard work, not tonight but this weekend. Also in other news Many more corvids during my journey work with the grove last night.

Day - 214
Date: Friday, July 15th
Rune: Thursaz – Thorn

So the change I need to see, and make will not be easy. I can accept that and I am willing to live with it. I will begin to really search out that which I can do and change, and start up my spiritual work and seek additional guidance.

Day - 215
Date: Saturday, July 16th
Rune: Othala – Ancesteral land

Wealth that cannot be bought or sold. Friends and Family. I see this rune as perfectly fitting today. I start the day with my grove doing community service. Though Amy will not be there, it will be nice to see some of the others. I hope we have at least eight people show up. The evening tonight is my Dresden Files Role Playing game night, so there will be fiends there. It should be a good day bracketed by both friends and family.

Day - 216
Date: Sunday, July 17th
Rune: Sowilo – The Sun

Hrrrm after yesterday, I hope this is a good rune. I will be in the sun a lot today. I plan to run outside and maybe hit up the aquatic center. Yesterday started great, but I then found myself in a foul mood. I did everything I could do to break it, but it took a nap for me to feel even a bit better. I hate it when my mood turns dark. Luckly after the nap the gaming helped.

Day - 217
Date: Monday July 18th
Present: Kenaz, Torch
Challenge: Wunjo, Joy
Outcome: Berkano:, Birtch
 What an odd omen, well maybe not. At first glance it is a bit troubling, seeing joy in the challenge position seems wrong somehow. However; thinking about it, I see what this is telling me. Amy has a new boyfriend, and though I am OK with it, there are still some feelings I have to deal with. So Kenaz can represent both the knowledge that I have, of dealing with my feelings, it also represents the flame I carry for Amy. Wunjo being the challenge is there as Joy is her middle name, and fining happiness is what this about. Berkano being the outcome shows me that I can overcome this and that in doing so I will grow both mentally and spiritually. I have no problems with the relationship, or her new beau. All the problems are in my head and I shall chat with her about the tomorrow. She has been wonderful during this time of change.

Day - 218
Date: Tuesday, July 19th
Rune: Tiwaz – Tyr the sky god

So. Much. Tiwaz. Seeing this on a Tuesday, and on a day I have big plans. I hope tonight goes well, Amy and I will be chatting about my feelings, and that is always scarry. I do not open up about them that often. The self-sacrifice aspect worries me a bit, but we shall see.

Day - 219
Date: Wednesday, July 20th
Rune: Berkano – Birch

He look berkano again, some of these runes seem drawn to me as of late. I think this is a reassurance that last night was a good night. Many of the plans fell through, but mostly that was fine. Amy needed time to sew, and I was able to get some crafty work done. There was also lots of cuddles and snuggles, which made for an amazing night.

Day - 220
Date: Thursday, July 21st
Rune: Mannaz – Mankind

Mannaz, I do not see you often. With everything going on at work right now, this rune is a perfect draw for today. Not a lot to type about it, but just know that this rune, fits well with what I learned about work, and where it is going.

Day - 221
Date: Friday, July 22nd
Rune: Naudhiz – Need

Oh Naudhiz, you fit this day so well. You are the rune of need. My Amy is away for the weekend, and I feel the distance deeply. Julia is leaving at work, and she will be missed. There is something I need and I am not sure what that is. I feel it out there just beyond my reach, yet UI have not discovered it yet. Need, a good word to represent today.

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