June 2016

Runes June 2016

Day - 178
Date: Thursday, June 9th
Rune: Wunjo -  Joy
Today is a day of new beginnings, and I am very happy about that. Also last night there was some very intense journey work that my grove did and the effects are still with me. All in all I hope this omen is as good of a sign as it appears.

Day - 179
Date: Friday, June 10th
Rune: Thurisaz- The Thorn

Well on the day where I begin working out again, and stop drinking soda, I see this as a very logical rune for today. Normally I am not super happy with the kindreds send me this rune, but as it represents a tendency towards change, I accept it as a good pull today.

Day - 180
Date: Saturday, June 11th
Rune: Ehwaz- The Horse

The rune of the horse, one showing movement and transportation. Pulling this rune today is understandable. It is a great friends birthday and we have many plans. I feel as if I’ll be doing a lot of moving around from place to place, so the meaning of the rune “Horse/Transportation” truly speaks to today.

Day - 181
Date: Sunday, June 12th
Rune: Thurisaz- The Thorn

Thurisaz again. I thought on pulling this rune that it pointed to the day I had planned, I will be doing a lot of yard work, and there will be pain and thorns. Yet when I look at my computer I see that there was a mass shooting in Florida, and I think that is what the rune is pointing at. It is truly a barb into my heart that such hate exists in the world, and people use that hate to hurt others. People need to understand we are all humans, more fso we are all children of the planet we live on. There are things that are different between each of us, let not focus on those things and instead focus on what is the same. Find that sameness, embrace it, and love our fellow humans.

Day - 182
Date: Monday June 13th
Present: Hagalaz, Hail
Challenge: Tiwaz, Tyr the sky god
Outcome: Sowilo, The Sun

OK normally I will talk about each rune, then the group as a whole. Today however, I think looking at the full Omen is very important. I truly see two meanings in these runes, and I am as of yet not sure what to do about them. For a while now I have been feeling called to do something. The strange thing is I do not know what. I am starting to work it out, yet parts elude me. I do feel the need to start applying myself to the pagan community as a whole. This will start with more work with ADF, and Cedarsong grove. Last Wednesday I have a very powerful journey, which seems to have had lasting effects on my being. I also wonder what I can do to help out the LGBT+ community, as they are hurting. So it looks from this as if there may be some difficult times ahead, but if I whether them, and truly look for what I should be doing, the outcome will be favorable.

Day - 183
Date: Tuesday, June 14th
Rune: Tiwaz:-  Tyr the Sky God

A rune that reminds us where ones true strengths lie. Today I see this reminding me that I have the power to accomplish what I put my mind to. I will succeeded at the tasks I have in front of me. The rune also reminds me that self-sacrifice is needed at time, and I know I cannot fit everything into each day, and will need to decide that which is most important.

Day - 184
Date: Wednesday, June 15th
Rune: Isa:-  Ice

A rune that can mean a challenge or frustration. Today I begin fasting one day a week, and I have chosen Wednesdays to be that day. So pulling the rune that represents a challenge, is a logical draw. I do hope however that the fasting is the only challenge I have to worry about.

Day - 185
Date: Thursday, June 16th
Rune: Nauthiz:-  Need

 Distress, confusion, conflict, and the power of will to overcome them. The second day of the fast, it really is a single day fast, but this morning I choose to extend it for another few hours. The ability to fast on day 2, is much easier than day one, and I will most likely break this around noon today. There is also conflict going on with the post about the shooting I put up, and I should not let that bother me.

Day - 186
Date: Friday, June 17th
Rune: Jera:-  Year

A time of peace and happiness, fruitful season. Today is Friday, so of course it will be a happy time. Also I shall be seeing Amy a lot this weekend, so bonus. The weekend also holds a party, two rituals, and a concert, so I am looking forward to it.

Day - 187
Date: Saturday, June 18th
Rune: Fehu: Domestic cattle, wealth.

I do not see this rune today as representing earned income. Though it could defiantly be a sign of hope, success and happiness. It could also indicate social success. Today shall be a busy day with free RPG day going on, followed by work at home, the groves ritual, and then hanging out with Amy, Alex, and Janet. With everything planned, I do indeed feel wealthy.

Day - 188
Date: Sunday, June 19th
Rune: Perthro: - Dice Cup

A rune of Uncertainties, this is a good pull for today, as there was a lot of that going on. The day starts with a trip to see my girlfriend’s family, and I am not sure who all there knows about us. Then to the ritual at Shining Lakes grove, a grove I have not visited. Then to see a concert of a band based on one song. The fellowship portion of the rune could also represent the visit to a different grove. 

End of Day Note: This rune was also pulled at the ritual today.

Day - 189
Date: Monday June 20th
Present: Sowilio, The Sun
Challenge: Wunjo, Joy.
Outcome:  Thurisaz, Thorn or a Giant

What an odd set of runes…Whit Sowilio in the present, it could almost be an indication of the weather currently, as it is hot and sunny and a good portion of the country is in a heat wave. It can also indicate a time when power will be available for me, and as I am very tied into heat and warmth, I can see this as a time of recharging. So how id Joy a challenge, will with the summer here and in full spring there is a lot I want to do. However; with buying the new car and not really driving for Uber as I am watching my Niece, money is tight, so I my desire to do things may cause issues. We then come to a rune I don’t see really fitting in as a good outcome ever. I see the runes telling me that I need to make sure I do what is right, not what I want to do even though it may sting a bit.

Day - 190
Date: Tuesday, June 21st
Rune: Mannaz:- man, mankind

The rune of both the Self; and the human race. Today I identify with both of these, in the morning we will be way understaffed at work, and my normal lunch meetup will not be there, so a lot of me time. Afterwards, it is date night, where we are going to my place to start for a midsummer’s bonfire. 

Day - 191
Date: Wednesday, June 22nd
Rune: Isa:  Ice

A rune that can mean a challenge or frustration, or a halt in activity until a change is made. It is interesting that this is the second day of my weekly fasting, and I pull the exact same rune as the last fast. The fasting is defiantly a slowing down of activity, and I think Isa is a perfect rune for the days I fast. Though my stated goal for each fast is 24 hours, once a week, last week I went for 41 hours, this week I am not trying to break that. I will eat tomorrow when I am hungry, so most likely either breakfast or lunch.

Day - 192
Date: Thursday, June 23rd
Rune: Mannaz:  Man, mankind

 Today I feel the interpretation of this rune “your attitude toward others and their attitudes towards you,” is the best one. It is an interesting day, and I have found out a lot about various friends and co-workers. Yes I am being vague. That’s OK. I think this is a good rune for today, and everything I have heard is good, aso I am so far happy with all of this. It does mean that I may have changes coming in my life though.

Day - 193
Date: Friday, June 24th
Rune: Wunjo:  Joy

 Never a bad thing to pull Wunjo on a Friday, even if there is a lot of work I want to do this weekend, it is still Friday.  Also there seems to be a lot of happiness going around, so I see the pulling of this rune as joy for the people around me also. I truly hope that it will flow over to my sister and that she will hear back on the new place, and that they will end up with a new home.

Day - 194
Date: Saturday, June 25th
Rune: Nauthiz:-  Need

Need and how we can place restrictions on ourselves for what we want or need. This is a great rune for today. Amy is out of town, and the day was planned out to be a busy one for me. I was having serious thoughts about starting to look at adding a relationship into my life as I am part of a poly relationship, but decided against it as life seems to be rather busy. So there are the restriction I placed on myself.

Day - 195
Date: Sunday, June 26th
Rune: Perthro:- Dice Cup

Ahh the dice cup showing up to remind us life is uncertain. I had plans for today, yet life had other plans. I really wanted to get more yard work done, but after trying to mow in the rain I eventually gave up. Looks like time to do inside work. Also could be the universe being snarky and telling me it’s time to run all the dishes left around through the dishwasher…there are a lot of cups =D.

Day - 196
Date: Monday June 27th
Present: Ingwaz, Ing the Earth God
Challenge: Algiz, Elk Protection
Outcome: Ehwaz:, Transportation

For the present I pulled the rune of Ing the earth god. I fing this interesting as I had just recent posted the question “To my pagan and animist friends, does anyone else find themselves apologizing to the plants as you mow and weed wack?.” I have been thinking much more about the world we live on and what we do to it, so seeing this rune show up is reaffirming.
The challenge rune is Algiz the elk a strong protection rune. Normally I see the challenge as what will be challenging me, this time I think the universe may be challenging me to become a protector of the earth. The outcome is Ehwas the meaning pulled from the rune site is “Casting meaning: Ehwaz reminds us that in order for success there must be a natural flow in the task at hand. With this rune to give us power as well as it making use of our good intentions we can surely achieve such success.” This gives me indication that if I do take up the challenge there may be success.
I have been thinking that I need to find a job with meaning in it, I want something to do that helps the planet and the people of it, this rune set shows that off perfectly. Now to figure out what that job is.

Day - 197
Date: Tuesday, June 28th
Rune: Wunjo:- Joy

Of it is always wonderful to pull this rune on a Tuesday. Tuesdays are date nights, and this week I got bonus Amy time as I stayed over Monday night. I made Amy guess what I pulled and she got it in one guess. Tuesdays are always a joy, and with us planning a workout night even more so.

Day - 198
Date: Wednesday, June 29th
Rune: Isa:- Ice
Isa, Ice again. Three weeks in a row where I pull this rune for Wednesday. I wonder if I am getting the meaning wrong, or if the powers that be are just trying to make sure I know that they approve of my fasting. Why fasting? Well two reasons, the 1st and of lesser importance is that it is for my health, and a weight loss measure, I also feel better when I fast on occasion.
The second reason is spiritual. As Sigyn is the lady who followed her love into his punishment to lessen his pain, and is stuck in the cave out of her devotion, I choose to give up food one day a week to honor her.
Due to the second reason I see a special link to this rune. A good friend of mine sees Loki as fire, and Sygin as a fire tender. The serpent fangs that drip onto him and make him shudder are icicles. So pulling the rune of ice seems like a nod to me doing the correct thing.  

Day - 199
Date: Thursday, June 30th
Rune: Nauthiz:- need
Another rune of need, with such a different meaning, well both different and the same. As I have said before I am in a poly relationship and I am fine with this, I really like my Girlfriends husband. I decided this weekend that looking for another relationship was not on the docket, but it seems as if my GF may be entering into another one. This is kind of awesome, as I love it when she is happy. I am a little worried as her life is way busier than mine, and I hope she is not run to ragged. 

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