Runes January 2016

Rune Draws for January 2016

OK, so I am back again. I hope to keep this going, wish me luck.

Day - 121 - I think
Date: Tuesday January 5th
Rune: Berkana, The Birch - New Beginings

Not only one of my favorite runes in the set I created, I love the flaw on the left side. This is about the perfect rune to draw today. For the last month I have been trying to get back on track with my draws and life in general. It seemed that no matter what I did, I would postpone the start date. If I am being honest The only reason I did not restart was I was lazy, and enjoying goofing off. Well I am back and today was the first day of my "restart", I do much better when I have to do lists and I have a binder of tasks for each day for the next three months. I hope that I am ale to follow the plan. So in drawing the new beginnings rune the day I am restarting is perfect. So thank you to the kindred who guided my hand, and pulled this rune, it is a good omen indeed and I look

Day - 122
Date: Wednesday January 6th
Rune: Eihwaz, The Yew- Strength, Something new out of an ending

A rune that indicates that I have set my sights on a reasonable goal. I find it interesting, that when you give the kindred their due, the return in kind. As part of my new "restart" I am doing morning devotions to Sigyn, and one to Enki at night before bed. With the fact that I have the intention to do these devotions, it seems that the guidance I get is in full support of the changes I am asking in my life. This is wonderful as I can always use the support in the coming days when it will be difficult. I really look forward to making past the 21 day mark so that many of these tasks become more of a habit. Thank you kindreds all for the wonderful support.

Day - 123
Date: Thursday January 7th
Rune: Ehwaz, Horse, Movement, change for the better

A wonderful rune for today. I felt like crap when I got home today, but even thought I felt bad, I was looking forward to running. Today was the second day of my c25k program, and for the 1st time in a long time I was looking forward to running. This rune can also indicate steady improvement, so is a good rune for the 3rd day of my reboot of my life. Another good omen.

forward to continuing on the path I have laid out for myself.

Well I have not been able to get online, and with any signal for some reason, so these have been building up. I will add the draws for the days I have been missing.

Day - 124
Date: Friday January 8th
Rune: Jera, The year or harvest

I promise to stop talking about my restart soon, but I see this as a reminder that I need to continue the changes I make throughout this year and the rest.  It is a wonderful thing that when you ask for guidance and get things that are meaningful.

Day - 125
Date: Saturday  January 9th
Rune: Raidho, The wheel - Travel
I am not sure what this rune signifies today, I am watching the lings, and plan to stay in all day. It could be acknowledging that I am watching the lings, so that my dear friends can travel. As of right now that is the best I can see for this rune today. I guess it could also be telling me I need to travel more, as I have friends all over the place this weekend, and I am at home.

Day - 126
Date: Sunday January 10th
Rune: Wunjo, Joy
The rune of Joy, pulling this rune on today makes me smile. My Amy has been out of the country for about ten days, and today is the day she flies back to the US. So I understand this run, it also happens to be tattooed on her, so it doubly represents her.

Day - 127
Date: Monday January 11th
Present: Tiwaz, Tyr, the sky god - Honor
Challenge: Perthro, The Cup- Uncertain Meaning.
Outcome:  Elhaz, Protection

My first weekly draw of the restart and it is interesting. The first rune Tiwaz representing the present is a good thing. This can indicate success in our actions, but requiring sacrifice. I like the promise of success, but I fully understand what I must give up. Perthro reminds me of the uncertainties in life and represents freewill and the connection of the restrictions we have due to our circumstances. The very heart of the challenges I face in changing my life.  For the outcome, I read somewhere that Elhazcan be saying to keep ahold of success or maintain a position won or earned. This says that if I can stay on track, tells me I should be able to succeed. All in all a great omen this week.
Day - 128
Date: Tuesday January 12th
Rune: Wunjo, Joy

Another Amy related Joy rune. Today is our date night, and as we missed it last week, I am happy that today is Tuesday. There will be much joy in seeing her, and having a wonderful home cooked dinner.

Day - 129
Date: Wednesday January 13th
Rune: Eihwaz, Yew tree, Strength Reliability
Good to see the rune of strength on a day I plan to work out. I am still in my pre-workout stage where I an getting my body used to the motions, and making sure I won’t hurt myself once I start really pushing it. It is always nice to see the rune of strength.

Day - 130
Date: Thursday January 14th
Rune: Sowilo, The Sun, sucess
Not sure, why this was pulled today, maybe as a reminder that power is always available to me. I awoke this morning exhausted. I felt as if I got no sleep. Now that I think about it, this can indicate a connection with the gods, and higher powers, and almost as soon as I went to sleep, I felt as if someone was breaking into the house. When my roommate got home, I had to force myself to stay in bed and recognize that it was just home getting home. I think these feelings are why I slept fitfully. The interesting thing is that when I left for work, someone had gotten into all of the cars, and tried to get into all of the cars on our street. Maybe I should have taken the feeling I was getting, and acted on it, and checked the car doors.
Day - 131
Date: Friday January 15th
Rune: Inguz, Ing, the earth god - Fertility
Though Inguz and indicate fertility, that aspect seems odd for me. I am no longer fertile, I made sure of that, so I am often confused when I pull this rune, but then I read that it can also indicate a rest stage, a time of relief, of no anxiety. This fits well. This weekend I have no plans, and will be alone for a god chunk of it. This will make a great time to recharge my batteries.

Day - 132
Date: Saturday, January 16th
Rune: Kenaz, The Torch, Knowledge, Vision
Very good runes draw today. This was a relaxing day for me, I did a lot of cleaning, but also had some time to read and study. I was being lazy and did not draw the rune until later in the day, so it was interesting to see what was pulled. Was very nice to  have a mellow quite day where I had no plans.

Day - 133
Date: Sunday,  January 17th
Rune: Laguz, Water, Healing power, or renewal
After yesterday, this was an interesting pull. I see this weekend as a time of healing for myself. I am holding off on the workouts as my body needs time to recover, and the down time will help me recharge my batteries. This is a very healing weekend for me, so this rune was a logical draw for today.

***Weekly Casting 4?***
Day - 134
Date: Monday January 18th
Present: Ehwaz, The horse, Transportation, movement for the better
Challenge: Eihwaz, The Yew, Strength
Outcome:  Fehu, Domestic Cattle, Abundance, financial strength
When drawing this weeks casting, I was not focused on any one thing, I was just asking for guidance for the upcoming week. With Ehwaz being the rune drawn for the present, I took a moment to see how that fit. I am planning on joining the Y this week, and the main reason is to have a place to run and swim. So the rune fits well there. Having the challenged by Eihwaz makes me remember that joining the gym is only a step in the correct direction if I have the strength to go to the gym. I have been working out at home, but I hate the treadmill, and have not been running unless I go outside, so having the strength to go to the gym is something I need. The outcome, being Fehu, has some logic to it. If I do get the membership and do go, the feeling of wellbeing, can lead to all sorts of things, and would be a wise expenditure of my funds. The price of membership, if it is used, is well worth it, if I feel better.
This could also just be telling me I should not forget about the flying Spaghetti Monster, as if you read the shape of the runes it looks like FSM.

Day - 135
Date: Tuesday,  January 19th
Rune: Gebo, Gift, of sacrifice and of generosity

Gebo is the rune that indicates a gift.  More importantly Gebo represents connection between people when gifts are exchanged. It can also represent connection between follower and god when gifts are exchanged. More simple the gift of life the kindred have bestowed upon us. Isee this as the later meaning, that the kindred are reminding me to find happiness in the gift they have given me. Also I took this as a reminder. On Tuesdays I do not stay at home, and I often forget to bring the material I need for my daily devotions, and with the drawing of this rune, I remembered. So my prayer book is packed, my gift is packed, and so are my runes.

Day - 136
Date: Wednesday,  January 20th

Rune: Hagalaz, Hail, Natures Wrath 

One of the runes I do not look forward to pulling. Hagalaz represents the destructive forces of nature. Not sure what will be happening, unless this is referring to the cold weather, and storm that will be hitting the east coast soon. It can also represent inner turmoil, and could be pointing to my lack of sleep.  

Day - 137
Date: Thursday,  January 21th
Rune: Thurisaz, the Thorn – reactive force 

A Force that is either reactive, or directed to destruction. Change. Let us hope the meaning of the rune today is change, and that that it is a cheerleader for the changes I am trying to make happen in myself. It could also be self-destruction, as I choose to eat peppers today. I really need to STOP eating peppers, but it is difficult, I should 

Day - 138
Date: Friday,  January 22nd
Rune: Nauthiz - Need

Nuthiz is the rune of need, and how those needs and put restrictions upon us, and the ability to overcome those restrictions. I have been cranky the last few days. This is mostly because I have not been sleeping well. The lack of sleep last night was due to odd dreams about time travel, which ended with me waking up a number of times, with that last time being 4:30 and me being wide awake. I am slowly doing better with my restructuring of my life, and I see this as something I need to do. That need does put a huge restriction on myself, and it is a restriction I do not need to overcome. 
Day - 139
Date: Saturday,  January 23rd
Rune: Eihwaz- Yew tree
The Yew tree or Eihwaz, a strong magical rune of protection. Indicates that I have set my goals on a reasonable target, and I should be able to achieve them. Pulling this rune on the day of rest that I still plan on working out on seems interesting. I am feeling so much better with my work out. All in all a good boost to my resolve to get back into shape.

Day - 140
Date: Sunday,  January 24th
Rune: Ansuz – Ancestral God. Odin
Ansuz, Insight, answers revealed. It is interesting, with not being able to eat peppers, life is a challenge. It seems they are everywhere. I spent a good chunk of time trying to find safe mustard yesterday. Yesterday while walking with Amy she asked me if I had any peppers and I said no. I did not realize that I had actually. Who knew they put paprika in Mayo. *sigh* I really need to look at all labels every time I shop. I see this rune today as reminding me of this fact.
***Weekly Casting 5***
Day - 141
Date: Monday January 25th
Present: Perthro, The Cup
Challenge: Laguz, Water
Outcome:  Kenaz, The Torch 
The Perthro rune in the present location shows knowledge of my destiny, and possible hidden things in the occult. That with the rune Laguz as the challenge, which can indicate physic matters and dreams is interesting. For the last week, starting last Tuesday, I have been not sleeping well, mostly due to my dreams they are not nightmare, but vivid enough to wake me multiple times a night. Seeing these two runes together was a bit shocking, as they sum up my last week. I feel they may be pushing me to start working on my Journeying again, as I feel if I do that, then the messages my dreams are sending, will develop there, and allow me better sleep. The rune Kenaz being the outcome rune here, is saying if I get this under control that these visions will reveal what they are trying to show me, and allow me to open new paths of spiritual energy to work with. 
Day - 142
Date: Tuesday, January 26th
Rune: Jera - Year
Jera is one of my favorite runes, and I used to draw it a lot. Seeing it today was like an old friend returning. After yesterday’s draw, the meaning of Jera that indicates a time of peace and harmony is most fitting. I do plan on increasing my shamanic work, and finding both knowledge and peace there. I also think I can use the journey time to start repairing the damage I have done to my body, fixing it from the inside with magical work, and the outside with physical work.
Day - 143
Date: Wednesday, January 27th
Rune: Wunjo - Joy
Always nice when the daily rune draw is Joy. Not sure if it is true tough, last night I felt like crud, sadly I think I am betting sick. It is odd I feel both good and bad at the same time, I think the rune is representing the happy side of me today.

Day - 144
Date: Thursday, January 28th
Rune: Gebo - Gift
Yup, I am sick. Do not want to move at all today. Maybe it’s the “gift” of whatever virus I have. Back to bed. Ugghhhhh

Day - 145
Date: Friday, January 29th
Rune: Laguz - Water
Still Sick, spending most the day in bed. Is Laguz reminding me I still need water when Sick?

Day - 146
Date: Saturday, January 30th
Rune: Gebo - Gift
The gift of health? I am slowly feeling better. Maybe 60%. The gift of song, going to make it to the sing along tonight.

Day - 147
Date: Sunday, January 31st
Rune: Isa - Ice
Isa, Ice, a reminder that I have frozen in my progress, while sick I have really fallen behind in everything. I hope this week to get back on track.

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