Rune Draws October 2015

Rune Draws for October 2015

OK, so I am back to doing my daily run draws, and there will be a few changes. First off there is a new format to make seeing what I drew and my feelings on the draw easier. Also I am going to do a rune casting each Monday to look at what I’ll be dealing with for the week, and Then on Sunday I’ll post how the casting reflected what actually happened during the week.

Day - 106
Date: Thursday October 1st
Rune: Perdhro, The Dice Cup - Reminding us of life's uncertainties.
A very good rune to draw on the first day of rune draws after a long absence. I had done a few draws in September , but never got around to typing them up. September was a bad month for me, and I am doing my best to make this October amazing. Drawing this as the 1st rune of my new draws is a nice reminder that though life is full of uncertainties, I have the freewill to make my life what I want it.

Day 107

Date: Friday October 2nd
Rune: Eihwaz, The Yew Tree - Reliability & trust, In the end we find a new beginning.

As I am working on reshaping my life, and trying to live the way I want, I am pleased to see this rune today. It is affirmation that I have the ability to change my life and make it what I want it.  I need to work on myself in the Physical, mental and spiritual paths I am walking and slowly nudge them to be what I want, and to be the paths that I want.

Day 108

Date: Saturday October 3rd
Rune: Raidho, The Wheel - Focusing energy to obtain our goals.

I have decided to push off my major changes until monday. i think starting these changes on the 1st day of the week will work better for me. Also I do not need to be extra cranky when watching the Lings all afternoon/evening. Having the weekend will also give me the time as the rune says to focus my energy on the changes that are coming.

Day 109
Date: Sunday October 4th
Rune: Hagalaz, Hail, Damage, destruction, a warning of Illness

I really hope this is not a warning of illness, I was sick a lot during September, and I do not want to deal with that again. I did hurt my back yesterday, and it has kept me for getting everything done I want to today. This is not a rune I want to see in a drawing, but I will take it as a warning and do my best to keep myself from getting sick.

***Weekly Casting 1***
Day 110
Date: Monday October 5th
Present: Berkanan, Birch tree, New birth or personal growth
Challenge: Ehwaz, The Horse, travel, or to  succeed there must be a natural flow to the task at hand.
Outcome:  Wunjo, Joy, A positive change

As my ex-wife was fond of quoting “You can’t make this shit up!” If I were to choose three runes for this casting I do not think I could have chosen a better three runes. If you look at my last few rune draws I have been talking about changing my life, so That I am a healthier person both physically and spiritually. So drawing the rune for personal growth, with the challenge rune reminding me that there must me natural flow to accomplish this task is simply amazing. Add to that the fact that the outcome rune is Wunjo, or joy and you have a wonderful casting.  I will take the casting to heart and move slowly and allow a natural flow to the changes I am making.

Day - 111
Date: Tuesday October 6th
Rune: Wunjo, Joy, A positive change

I hope this is an indication that today will be a good day. Normally Tuesday is date night, but Amy is off away for work, so I’ll be missing her tonight. I will do my best to make today a great day. I think drawing this rune today, which is also Amy’s middle name, is a reminder not to miss her too badly.

Day - 112
Date: Wednesday October 7th
Rune: Uruz, , Auroch - Physical strength ,untamed potential.

I also see endurance in this rune, endurance I need to see me through the changes I am making. I see this draw as the kindreds giving me a little boost to the endurance I’ll need to make it through the changes I plan to make.

Day - 113
Date: Thursday October 8th
Rune: Laguz, Water – Healing power of renewal.

I know I am harping on the resetting my life, but that is where my focus is. I see this as another nudge to remind me that the process is a healing process, and when I am done, I will feel much better. I think it is interesting that the runes fall so nicely into the pattern my life is taking.

Day - 114
Date: Friday October 9th
Rune: Othala, Ancestral property

There are days when I look at the rune and I am not sure what it is telling me…. Today may be one of those days. I guess that as it is also an aide in journeys and that I do need aide in the journey I am on. I will take this as a good omen. I have not done the best I could this week, and will do better next week.

Day - 115

Date: Saturday October 10th
Rune: Othala, Ancestral property

Again, not sure with Othala. Being a rune of the Ancestors may-hap I need to Journey, and seek better guidance. Pulling this rune two days in a row means that there is something there, I just need to figure it out. Some days these rune pulls are a complete mystery. I am sure though at some point I'll say ahhh, that's it. We shall see.

Day 116
Date: Sunday October 11th
Rune: Ansuz, The divine breath, Odin -  revealing message or insight, communication.
I see this as guidance, I have struggled to make the changes in my life I want to, and this is a rune telling me that only I can make those changes. The Universe/Gods/powers/Kindreds can put the Idea of change into my head but only I can make those changes. This is a lesson I am still learning, and will do my best to make those changes.

***Weekly Casting 2***
Day 117
Date: Monday October 12th,
Present: Wunjo, Joy -  comfort, pleasure.
Challenge: Algiz, The Elk - protection, a shield
Outcome:  Ingwaz, The earth God - Fertility & growth

This is an interesting draw for me. I almost forgot that on Mondays I am doing a weekly draw, but not to worry I did eventually remember. I am doing my best to stay on track, and part of my changes are to make sure I do my weekly and daily draws. i have managed to do it all this month, and I think that is where the Joy comes in. I am very happy with the drawing, and by making myself slowly learn these runes. Seeing Algiz as the challenge, was a puzzle for a moment, until I realized that I often use stagnation as a protection, it is easier to not change. This is what I see Algiz telling me. As for the outcome Ingwaz, if I can overcome the challenge of trying to keep myself happy, and in the rut I am, I shall eventually experience the growth I am looking for.

Day 118
Date: Tuesday October 13th
Rune: Dagaz, Dawn -  A Breakthrough - An  awakening or awareness

This is a wonderful rune to see today! Yesterday I did not do well with my life's challenges, but today I have decided to both map them out and create a system to make sure I follow the changes. I’ll post about that soon. But seeing Dagaz today, was a light at the end of a tunnel.

Day 119
Date: Wednesday October 14th
Rune: Dagaz, Dawn -  A Breakthrough - An  awakening or awareness

Dagaz again, I think this is reinforcing yesterdays draw. I have been doing well so far, and I have the changes I want to make planned out and printed in book form. I will be following these for the next couple months, and by the new year these changes should be second nature.

Day 120
Date: Thurdsday October 15th
Rune: Mannaz, Man - as in Mankind

A rune full of potential. Reminding me I can achieve my full potential. A wonderful rune as I transition into my healthier life.

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