Rune Draws September 2015

Day 103: Tuesday September 1st, (Rune Drawn: Elhaz) The Elk or protection, there is no doubt as to why I pulled this rune. I ended up in the ER this afternoon with stabbing pain in my lower right abdomen. I feel this rune was the kindred protecting me, and making so that it was not my appendix. I was worried about it for some time. I will take the protection of the rune, if it means no surgery for me.

Day 104: Wednesday September 2nd, (Rune Drawn: Kenaz) the torch bringing knowledge and understanding. This on a day that one of the clergy from my grove posted an amazing article about compassion, and referenced a book on Sygin. I see the rune telling me that there is knowledge out there I just need to look.

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