Runes February 2016

Runes February 2016

***Weekly Casting 6***
Day - 148
Date: Monday February  1st
Present: Perthro, The Cup
Challenge: Jera, The Year
Outcome:  Gebo, The Gift 

The Perthro rune in the present location shows knowledge of my destiny, and possible hidden things in the occult. That with jera as the challenge, is telling me I need to stay the course. I need to keep going, and that just doing things on occasion will not work. My goal is to keep this up at least a year, and then it should be ingrained. If I can do this, the “gift” will be living my life the way I want.

Day - 149
Date: Tuesday, February 2nd
Rune: Ise - Ice

I gentle prodding by the kindred, I need to get back on track. I shall! Today I have reprinted my schedule, and I will keep up with it this time.

Day - 150
Date: Wednesday, February 3rd
Rune: Eihwaz - Strength 

Eihwaz! Strength! What a day to draw the rune of strength. I have been doing low impact weight training for a month to get my body used to the motions again. Today I start lifting in earnest. Seeing this rune this morning. As a side note there is a side meaning to this rune that fits. It can indicate an honest man who can be relied upon. Today I am having lunch with my oldest brother, who I have not seen in over a year, this possibly shows a good meeting between us.

Day - 151
Date: Thursday, February 4th
Rune: Laguz - Water

The healing power of water, or a source of renewal. This I need today, I have upped my running, and I have upped my weights. My body is sore, I need whatever renewal the kindreds can give me to make my run tonight. I am not looking forward to it, as this is a new week in the Z25K I am doing and it will be hard, but I will, and can do it.

Day - 152
Date: Friday, February 5th
Rune: Eihwaz – Yew Tree 

I read once that this rune can mean “An honest man who can be relied upon.” I choose to take this meaning. Today I am to meet up with my brother, and I like this rune for this meeting.

Day - 153
Date: Saturday, February 6th
Rune: Berkano – Birch   
I drew another good rune today. I did not make it to see my brother last night, but I am gong this morning. So good beginnings there as we rebuild our relationship. Also today is the Imbolc ritual, which is dedicated to the fire tenders, and something I am looking forward to. Lastly in the new beginnings tonight I start my DFRPG game, so a great rune for today!

***Special Casting 1***
Day - 154
Date: Sunday February 7th
Present: Hagalaz, Hail
Challenge: Raidho, Wheel
Outcome:  Fehu, Welth 

Today I chose not to do my single draw. This is because I am doing a ritual and I’m logging the omen from the ritual. A bit on the ritual, it is a core order ritual, calling only on those kindred’s that wish to be there, and once the blessings have been done; I will do a working, where I create a batch of pure soap using the waters of life.  
The casting: Pulling Hagalaz in the present was a little troubling, until I realized that it can mean time restraints, and those were present. I planned stuff later in the day and did have restraints on my time. With Raidho as the challenge the restraint on my time is truly the meaning of Hagalaz, as I was traveling right after soap making. Looking to Fehu as the outcome, may have settled a decision for me. My main goal in making this soap is to gift it to the clergy in ADF to use prior to rituals. I was thinking of selling it, but was not sure. I think with Fehu as the outcome selling a few bars to cover the cost of shipping might not be a bad idea. I’ll keep thinking about it.

***Weekly Casting 7***
Day - 155
Date: Monday February 8th
Present: Raidho, Wheel
Challenge: Uruz, Auroch
Outcome:  Ansuz, Odin 

The weekly casting, starts out with Raidho. Travel. An interesting rune, as I have friends dear to me who are traveling a lot right now. I also found out there is a good chance my roommate will be traveling for work, so there is a lot in the aether right now dealing with travel. The challenge is Uruz, the Auroch or strength. A side meaning is Sexual desire, masculine potency. This is interesting, as with Amy traveling I do miss her. Even if I see her same amount, there is that whole absence makes the heart grow fonder thing. The outcome being Ansuz falls in with the travel, as I have chosen to attend all the druid events this week on my own. I like doing them with her, but I love all the folks there and I can enjoy going on my own.
Day - 156
Date: Tuesday, February 9th
Rune: Nauthiz - Need
The rune talks of the ability of our needs to place restrictions on us. I can see this as Tuesday is date night, and we tend to go to the Y. The trouble is it makes for the rest of the evening to be mellow as we are both worn out after running and weights. The need is there is getting into better shape; the restriction right now is in how we feel after.

Day - 157
Date: Wednesday, February 10th
Rune: Nauthiz - Need
Need again. Not sure if I missed something from yesterday, so I got the rune a second time. I shall keep my eyes and mind open. With tonight being the study group something may come up.

Day - 158
Date: Thursday, February 11th
Rune: Hagalaz - Hail
 Natures wrath. Taken literally it has gotten COLD out, and my body is not happy with it. I am sore all over, I may take today off at the gym, and go Friday and Sunday, this will allow me to run the direction the does not hurt as much. This could also be indicating my inner turmoil as I look to buy a new car, I am stressed about my credit, and I hope this is saying that the stress will eventually get better.

Day - 159
Date: Friday, February 12th
Rune: Mannaz - Mankind

The rune of mankind. I find it interesting drawing this rune today of all days, the family I live with is heading out of town, and Amy is in NC. My plan was to veg tonight, but as I skipped running last night, I’ll be going to the Y tonight, so I will have interaction with others.

Day - 160
Date: Saturday, February 13th
Rune: Othala – Ancestral Property

I like this rune! There are many reason I enjoy it, but the important thing is I enjoy it, and the energy I get when pulling it. The rune is the rune of property, which is interesting, as aside from my games, I have very few possessions. There is the intangible property I got from my parents, some good and some bad that this could be speaking to. I have been including my mother, father and brother in my morning rituals, so I see this rune as recognizing this fact.

Day - 161
Date: Sunday, February 14th
Rune: Ingwaz – Ing, the earth god

The rune of common virtues, common sense and a time of relief and little stress. An interesting this to pull, as I have a lot planned today. I feel it’ll get done and I am not stressed to get it done, so I will allow the calmness of this rune to encompass me today.

***Special Casting 2***
Day - 161
Date: Sunday February 14th
Present: Isa, Ice
Challenge: Uruz, Auroch
Outcome:  Berkano, Birch 

I performed another ritual for making soap. I think it interesting that the current situation for both soap rituals was cold related, I did use the cold weather to cool the lye mixture. Mayhap they are telling me to look into room temperature soap processing?
The casting: Pulling Isa in the present made me chuckle a little bit. This is a rune that speaks of delays, and there were enough of those. Nothing major but I was delayed in beginning the ritual, from small annoyances, to cutting a chunk off my finger. Then there was Uruz as the challenge this is the rune of strength, and energy and action. With the amount of energy I put into the ritual and waters for the soap I tend to be drained afterwards and I think that is the warning Uruz if giving me here. Berkano as the outcome I feel is very good. The rune of both mental and physical personal growth. It can also indicate a prospering enterprise or venture, and I think the runes are saying that this is a good plan and it will be accepted and successful.

***Weekly Casting 8***
Day - 162
Date: Monday February 15th
Present: Gebo, Wheel
Challenge: Wunjo, Auroch
Outcome:  Ehwaz, The Horse 

The weekly casting, starts out with Gebo. Gift. Cute, as I just planned out and packaged my V-Day gifts for Amy, and will give them to her this week. The challenge is Wunjo. Joy. A little worrisome will she not like the gifts? I don’t think so, but it is always a worry I have when giving gifts, so I think this is what it represented here. The outcome being Ehwaz indicates change for the better, so I think this is a good omen for the coming week. Good things relationship Wise.

For this week I am only posting the rune draws, as I was very busy and did not get a chance to write up the results. Sorry about that, but I’d rather just post the draws then try and remember each day what I felt with the draw.

Day - 163
Date: Tuesday, February 16th
Rune: Kenaz - Torch

Kenaz is a rune of knowledge, understanding, learning and teaching.

Day - 164
Date: Wednesday, February 17th
Rune: Jera - Harvest

Jera is a rune that represents the cycle of life.

Day - 165
Date: Thursday, February 18th
Rune: Elhaz – Elk

This is a rune of great restraint power, defense and protection.

Day - 166
Date: Friday, February 19th
Rune: Wunjo – Joy

This rune shows us the balance between all things even when in a chaotic world.

Day - 167
Date: Saturday, February 20th
Rune: Jera, Harvest

Jera is a rune that represents the cycle of life.

Day - 168
Date: Sunday, February 21st
Rune: Raidho  - Wheel

This rune allows us to focus our energy so that we may obtain our goals.

***Weekly Casting 9***
Day - 169
Date: Monday February 22nd
Present: Wunjo, Joy
Challenge: Ansuz, Ancestral God
Outcome:  Othala, Ancestral Property 

Annddd, I’m back. This week’s casting, starts out with Wungo (Joy), as the rune in the present location. This is fitting as after last week, I feel much better, and after the weekend Joy is a very good present for me. This is also interesting as last week the challenge was Wunjo. Am I in the midst of the challenge? The challenge is Ansuz. Ancestral God. This is very interesting, this weekend at Convocation, I blacked out, no drinking involved. I was in a ritual, it was just starting, and then the next thing I know It was over. I hope to do some work this week and see if I can find out either where I was, or who was using my body then. The outcome is Othala which is Ancestral property. This rune can also indicate spiritual heritage, experience and fundamental values. It is an aid in spiritual and physical journeys. This I find fascinating, and I hope that it means that I wil get answers about this past weekend.

Day - 170
Date: Tuesday, February 22nd
Rune: Wunjo – Joy

Joy, comfort, pleasure. Fellowship, harmony, prosperity. Ecstasy, glory, spiritual reward, but also the possibility of going "over the top".

Day - 171
Date: Wednesday, February 23rd
Rune: Algiz – Elk  

The protective urge to shelter oneself or others. Defense, warding off of evil, shield, guardian.

Day - 172
Date: Thursday, February 24th
Rune: Laguz – Water

Flow, water, sea, a fertility source, the healing power of renewal. Life energy and organic growth. Imagination and psychic matters.

Day - 173
Date: Friday, February 25th
Rune: Hagalaz – Hail

Wrath of nature, destructive, uncontrolled forces, especially the weather, or within the unconscious. Tempering, testing, trial.

Day - 174
Date: Saturday, February 27th
Rune: Tiwaz – Tyr

Honor, justice, leadership and authority. Analysis, rationality. Knowing where one's true strengths lie. Willingness to self-sacrifice.

Day - 175
Date: Sunday, February 28th
Rune: Tiwaz – Tyr

Honor, justice, leadership and authority. Analysis, rationality. Knowing where one's true strengths lie. Willingness to self-sacrifice.

***Weekly Casting 10***
As of this week I am changing the layout of the Weekly rune draw. I am switching to The Norns method. I think that this will give a better reading for the upcoming week. The following is the way I’ll be looking at the rune draws. The 1st rune. The place of Urd: The rune in this position reveals events in the past that have direct relevance to the present and form the foundations of the future. The second rune. The place of Verdandi: The rune here refers to present circumstances and will point out any choices that will have to be made in the very near future. The 3rd Rune. The place of Skuld: It will reveal the future that is as yet unknown. It may equally either show the outcome of current trends or provide a possible future scenario that is dependent on the choices that are made.

Day - 176
Date: Monday February 29th
Urd: Laguz, Water
Verdandi: Algiz, Elk
Skuld:  Wunjo, Joy 

Laguz, water in the position of Urd, represents going with the flow, and having an easy going nature. It can also indicate that which is unknown, a mystery something that is hidden deep in the underworld. For me it truly represents how I have been living, going with the flow and being as adaptable as water.  Algiz, the elk shows up in the position of Verdandi, Algiz is a rune of protection. This is an odd rune in the location of Verdandi. Though as I I view myself as a protector, I guess for me it is not that odd. Skuld, this is the rune Wunjo, or Joy. This is a great rune to see here, I am always happy to see the possibility of the week being Joy.

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