September 2016

Runes September 2016

Day - 222
Date: Friday, September 16th
Rune: Thurisaz -  The thorn

Well I am back again, I have been continuing with my draws, but I have not been logging them here, or even writing a number of them down. I have decided that I need to make the time each day to log the runes I pull here. I like having them recorded somewhere, and by making them public, I feel that I am being held accountable. The rune I pulled today was Thurisaz. I worried at first as this is a rune of conflict, destruction and defense. As I think about it I remember that it can also mean “A tendency toward change” and that is what I think this rune is indicating. Today I have changed my Workout; I am also driving myself to make sure that I get everything done. So pulling this rune today is a very good thing. I shall hope that I have interpreted this rune correctly.

Day - 223
Date: Monday July 4th
Present: Thurisaz, Thorn or a Giant
Challenge: Ingwaz: Ing, the earth god.
Outcome: Algiz: Elk, protection 

This is a very odd set of runes. I am going to go into the realm of Way to much personal information, but I think with these runes today, it may need to be told. So 2 of the runes are tied to male fertility, and the 3rd is the rune of protection.
A little background, years ago I had a vasectomy, and this year I figured that it should be checked out as it had been years. Well the test came back with “some sperm” That’s not a good thing. My Doctor referred me to a specialist and the test was redone, and this one came back negative. The doctor gave me the choice of having it retested, or not….I am still thinking about it. I was leaning to not retesting, as the second test was done by the experts, but with this set of runes, I wonder if it is telling me that maybe I should have the test done for my protection. I will have to give this more thought.

Day - 224
Date: Friday, September 30th
Rune: Nauthiz:  Need
Well it is Friday, and I could not be happier. Pulling Nauthiz this morning is a gentle reminder that my plans for this weekend, are to do nothing. Well not nothing but very little. I will workout, and there is an electronics recycling day Saturday, but that will be about it. I am worn-out, and I need a couple days to recharge, and I am looking forward to a couple days with little to do. I really hope that this will get me recharged. The last few days getting up to workout has been difficult, and the work-outs have been lacking. I keep getting up, and keep working out, but I need my energy levels back up. Thank you kindreds allfor reminding me that I need to to remember what I need this weekend.

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