Runes May 2016

Runes May 2016

I am back again….

Day - 177
Date: Thursday, May19th
Rune: Sowilo -  The sun

Yoinked from Sunny way“Success, goals achieved, honor. The life-force, health. A time when power will be available to you for positive changes in your life, victory, health, and success. Contact between the higher self and the unconscious. Wholeness, power, elemental force, sword of flame, cleansing fire.” Well between the last post and today there have been a few daily draws but, they were not posted. So on this day, that I have restarted the logging of the runs pulling Sowilo is very appropriate. I have my daily prayer book and activate log, one of the items in it is logging these draws, So seeing Sowilo gives me hope that I shall accomplish the changes I want to see. 

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