Thursday, June 13, 2013

Adventures in Monotangles #14 - Hollibaugh

So another week has passed. Which is a good thing as that makes it time for another Adventure. This week I decided to choose a pattern that has always been one of my favorites. When I say always, I guess i mean since I learned Zentangle®, as it was one of the tangles I learned in my very 1st class.

The Tangle is none other than Hollibaugh.

If you need directions: Here is a link to it's page on Tangle Patterns.

And here are the tiles I did - see i did two =D.

A few updates on me and the sight, Though the pain is gone from the Shingles, I am still having good and bad days. I have never experienced something that makes me this lethargic before. I am at least making through each day, and I have started Zentangling again. I have also started working on some updates to the web site...They will go up in the next few weeks. I have began work on the past slide shows also. They will be up soon. Thanks for putting up with me over the last few months, I hope I am getting all my injuries/illnesses out of the way for the next couple years =D.

Have a wonderful week and Zentangle On!

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  1. Oh awful about the shingles.
    I have had the "shingles shot". My hubby too.
    But I don't think that is a guarantee! Just increases the odds in my favor.
    I laughed at Hollibaugh as I JUST did a tangle for the Diva challenge that was mostly Hollibaugh. But not a mono-tangle, of course.
    But I do love this tangle and I will try another one. I am being a little side tracked with en plain air painting right now...check out my June 13 post.

    1. Ginny, thanks for the sympathy. I would try to get the shot, but both my doctor and pharmacist told me I have to be 65 to get it???

      Also sorry for making you do the same tangle twice is a week

  2. Glad your on the mend Roy - both your tiles are great,the 2nd one is quite unique - a lovely take on Hollibaugh. Now as for me I was side tracked and added a Panda - will try to do another soon :)
    Thanks again for these Adventures.

    1. Lila, you would be amazed at how hard I have to try to keep these as Monotangles. So do not feel bad about adding Panda.

      Also, you are welcome. =D

  3. Your tiles are beautiful and original. Thanks for the tangle of the week, I love that one.

  4. Both tiles are gorgeous! I am really partial to the second one - love the peeking through effect! Hope you continue to get to feeling better.

  5. I like the way that second tile has parts that seem to jump off the page. Very nice!

  6. Your first tile looks like a fun city to explore and the second one is very inspiring, love the abstractness of it. Hope you continue to mend and all your excitement has slowed down for a bit.

  7. Great tangle for monotangling - thanks!