Friday, May 29, 2015

Wellspring 2015

Well this is going up a few days later than I planned, do to being tired, then burning myself. I wanted write something up on Wellspring 2015 as this was my first Major Druid event. All in all the weekend was amazing; the weather aside from Friday night was wonderful camping weather. Friday night it was bitter cold, but we did have enough equipment to keep up warm. Something I learned though is if it is too cold my breath will condense before leaving my CPAP mask which is no fun. The remaining nights were not bad (Saturday) and perfect (Sunday.) The daytime weather was also great, even warm enough that I would have used the pool if it was open.

There were two things from the weekend that really made it stand out. One was the warrior games, and the people of the warrior’s guild. The second was the main ritual. Each of these events spoke to me in very profound ways, and in very different ways. I will address each of them, and the only fair way is to do so in the order I attended them. I am not sure if I could say which my favorite was, so doing them in order is the way to go.

The warrior games: Saturday morning…
The games took place Saturday morning, and I really wish I had decided to play in them before that morning. This would have allowed me more than a few moments between matches to work on my bardic piece. It would have allowed me to practice on Friday, and I would have met some of the guild a night earlier. This was a truly amazing group of people. This event was a real home coming.  By the end of the event I knew I would be bringing these games home with me, and coming up with a way to do them with my grove. I have already bought rock for the stone throw and stone and peg. I am planning out purchases, and also am redesigning my new workout schedule to include games as part of the work outs. I will soon be joining the guild, and look forward to seeing where this is going. I have heard it said that no one is born a warrior, but I am not so sure. I knew I was one from a young age, and with lead to me joining the Army as soon as I was allowed. Once I left the Army, I thought I had left that part of my life behind, yet now I am not sure, I believe I have a place within the guild of Warriors in ADF.

My awards from the Warrior games:

My purchase of stones to train with:

64 pounds of Rocks, I now need to figure out what each ome weighs.

The main ritual: Sunday night...
Saturday night around dinner time I developed a horrible headache, and headed for bed very early. I drugged myself pretty well, to deal with both headache and my allergies, and took a nap, or so I though. I slept all night and I slept hard. When I woke on Sunday, I was still pretty out of it, and stayed that way most of the day. Amy and I went out for food, off site for dinner, and I had hoped that it would help and it did not. I was thinking of skipping the ritual, but with Amy having a part, and with her talking about how amazing they are, I decided to attend. Jen was a saint and gave me a couple peppermints that helped soothe my stomach. So going into the ritual I felt like someone had run me over. By the end, I was in amazing shape. I may write up the ritual, as a latter post but honestly I was so invested in experiencing it that I am not sure just how much I remember. I do know that when we invited all of the shining ones whom we have worked with into the circle, that Sigyn was there, and that she gave me more energy. And or reduced my fatigue. I remember the point at which I felt her hand on my brow, and the starting to feel better right after, and continuing to feel better as the night went on. Watching the clergy work was something to behold. When I was a child, well late teen, I thought about going into the Christian clergy. Obviously that did not happen. However, I have been giving thoughts to what I will do once I finish my dedicant path, and the clergy may be something I pursue.  

I also need to mention the Artisan guild contest. I had entered 3 Items, and though I did not win, it was great fun entering. The people I lost to I am more than will to admit were better than me. ADF has some truly amazing artists.

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