Wednesday, July 29, 2015

This is on the July rune draw page, but I think it should be here also.

Day 73: Wednesday July 29th, (Rune Drawn: Laguz) : So I drew this rune, and was thinking about it. It can mean success in an upcoming trip, with the possibility of loss. I am planning a trip to Indianapolis this weekend to attend another Lughnassadh ritual with the protogrove that is there. So I thought it might mean the trip would be good and I would not be winning the games, though I am not sure that is the definition of loss in the definition of the rune. Sometimes I am a silly person, and need to take things at their face value. You see the core meaning of Laguz is water. Well when I ran out today to grab some lunch, it was sprinkling…. So I grabbed an umbrella. By the time I reached the end of the first block it was raining hard. Once I grabbed food and headed back to work it was pouring, and raining sideways. When I got to work, I was able to wring at least a half cup or water out of each sock. The umbrella protected my head, body, and one arm, but the rest was soaked. So my lesson for the kindred today is, look deeper for the meaning of the runes, but do not forget what each one represents.

My pants when I got back to work....

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