Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Zendala Dare #26

Here is my entry for the Zendala Dare # 26.

Well, it’s not a Halloween/Autumn themed Zendala, however:
            A) It’s not late
            B) I am continuing my work through the official Tangles.

All in all this may be one of my favorite Zendala templates. I see doing this one many times in the future.

Zendala Dare #25

Well like Dare #24, Zendala Dare #25 is late getting up on my blog. I am still not used to them being posted on Saturday. I am getting better and this weeks will be posted shortly also. After the paradox diversion, I have resumed my Journey through all of the official Tangles, and this patter was great for getting in a number of tangles. I’ll soon go through and post all of the tangles used in each of the Zendalas from this project.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

IX Paradox.

The following is my response to both the Diva’s challenge from last week and the Zendala Dare. This week I’ll continue my work through the official tangles, but this weeks Zendala screamed paradox. I really wanted something other than paradox in the center so Ix fit nicely.

Been Away

Well I have been away longer than I had planned. One of the main reason is I am still processing my feelings/thought that surround my fathers death. A small part was the My wife and I skipped away for a long relaxing weekend at a cabin just off lake Michigan, as a 1st anniversary trip/ late honeymoon. Though the weather was not what we would have liked, and MJ sadly was fighting a cold it was a very good weekend away, though I am kind of disillusioned with “cabins”, they just seem way more money for not much more than you get with a hotel room.  The last reason would be the following article http://www.anamcaraservices.com/articles/2012/9/24/do-you-know-what-happiness-looks-like.html I recommend everyone read it. This article made me stop and think about what truly makes me happy, and Zentangle® is high up on the list.  Attached are a couple of my recent ZIA’s, I am on a quest to do a tangle merging Aura-knot and Fengle, this is close to what I want, but I would like more interweaving. The second is a new Ganesh I did on vacation for Dilip Patel.