Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Altar is ready.

I have for a while been gathering item to create an altar in my bedroom. I do plan on making an outside alter at some point also, but this was really the first step. I have a few more Items I am working on, something I want to change, but the altar is now in a usable state.  As I have recently become a member of the ADF, this is the altar I will use for anything ADF relater I will do at home. The items I have located and their importance are as follows:

The Drum (that hangs above) is my drum; I sometimes use for Journey work, and drum circles I go to. It is decorated using Zentangle, and it means a lot to me as a doorway to the other side, and a doorway between my spiritual side and my artistic side.
The branch, (Left rear)Represents the Tree, this branch is from a cedar tree from our yard that was blown over in a storm. This branch has many meanings:  It is from a cedar tree, and I belong to the Cedarsong ADF grove. It was from a storm damaged tree, the grove is strongly associated with Perk┼źnas the Baltic god of the storms. The tree that fell, is one that I loved sense my friends moved into this house, and I was saddened when it fell. This is also the end of the branch, that I will be using to make a wood burned set of runes.
The Bowl, (Left Front) This is a bowl I found secondhand that called to me. It represents the bowl Sigyn uses to catch the poison set to drip on Loki. I also use it to hold my set of Amethyst runes, the stones I will use when seeking advice from the shining ones.
The Basket (Next to the tree), this basket (I am looking for a better container), holds a variety of stones, ones I collect from important places, and some I have received from my brother after his death and from my ex-wife, there is also a sharks tooth given my by the boy child I live with. Each stone here is either tied to a place or person that is important to me.
The Lizard, (right foreground), I have always had a strong tie to the lizard, and it was one of my first spirit guides. This is a stuffed lizard that looks quite a bit like Vincent my lizard spirit guide.
The Fire, (Center), this is the representative of the fire in ADF, it is a red broken glass candle-holder, and another secondhand find.
The Leaf (next to the fire), this is a leaf my ex-wife used to own, and left here in Lansing, when she moved following her love of the land. It is a stick incense holder, and I will use it when I burn any incense as Martha is partially responsible for me really starting to work out my spiritual path.
The Well (Right Rear), this is yet another second hand finds, I was looking for something to represent the well, and this romanesque pot work perfectly.
The Necklace (In front of the leaf), this is my basic Cedarsong Grove necklace. I am making one that is more representative of the grove and my beliefs, but I am still waiting on supplies.
The Elephant & the Mug, (Right Front), these represent recently passed ancestors (well really all my ancestors), the elephant is a paperweight I bought my mother from a garage-sale when I was five years old, that started her amazing elephant collection. The coffee mug belonged to my brother Mike, and I received it when he passed. I use the Mug to hold my runes made of buffalo bone, that are used when seeking advice from the ancestors.
The Alter cloth, This cloth was chosen to represent Enki, the god who would not leave me alone, and began my path from an Animist to a follower of a small number of gods, it is the foundation of the alter as he is the water below, and one of the reasons I ended up in the ADF (even if he is from a non-ADF culture)

What is to come: as add the remaining items to my altar, I will post about each item on its own.

Journey work seeking advice…

Wednesday April 29th:
Journey Work: Trying to decide how much of my spiritual work I should share online…

Background: When it comes to my spiritual work, and beliefs I tend to play my cards close to my chest, or else I used to. I have posted a little bit about it here, and I had a feeling that I should make this a regular thing.

I undertook this journey looking for advice in regards to sharing, more about my spiritual side, and I found it in an interesting way. I see a strong tie in with my creativity and art with my spiritual side, so the being I spoke with is logical, thought it was not someone I ever expected. I started out with plans to go to the upper world; this is where I tend to go for spiritual/creative advice. The journey there was uneventful, and I began to wander around. The intention of this journey was very vague, and I was not sure what I was looking for, but soon found my answer.

As I wandered, I came across a stream that was filled with vibrant colors, so I decided follow it up stream. After a short trip, I found an older man pouring various cans of dye into the stream. I stood there looking at him for a bit before I recognized him; the man in the stream was Andy Warhol. About the time I recognized him, as acknowledged me, and nodded his head toward a large rock.  We headed over there and sat and chatted for a while. I remember asking him about being in the upper world (normally I encounter spirits in the underworld,) and he responded yeah, I was there for a while, but it is so much more colorful here. I joked that was only because he was pouring colors into the water.

I chatted with him about art, and spirituality, looking for a bit of advice on how much I should share.  He mentioned that he wished he had been more open about his beliefs, and that he wished he had not been afraid of being recognized in church, but that was in the past. His advice was each person is ultimately responsible for their own decisions, and he would not tell me what to do, but left me with the feeling that sharing my beliefs and thoughts was the correct path, so expect more journey logs here in the future… 

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Name change, and other changes are coming…

If you have not noticed the name of the blog has changed. There will be other changes coming. Though I Love Zentangle, it will now only be a portion of this blog. I am planning on starting up the challenge again, but in a new format, most likely once or twice a month, and it will not be monotangle. I will have the details hashed out soon, and will post them here. Sorry for the prolonged absence, but I had to see which direction my life was headed.