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Most of this site deals with the health of the mind, without a healthy body to fule it the mind is missing something.

I have suffered from a touch of depression over the last few years. The divorce though it was friendly and for the best, still hit me harder that I thought it would. Due to this I had let myself go, over the last few months. I have been very happy the last few months, thanks to a wonderful young lady, and the finding of a great religious organization that meshes well with me. Even with my head being in a better place, it has taken me a long time to get my body on the right path. This summer I have started on the path and here I will talk about it.  With the change I have made already I am feeling much better. And I have dropped a decent amount of weight and 2 belt notches already.

Step one: (Done) Break the soda habit. Anyone who knows me, knows how hard this is. This is not the only time I have attempted this, but let us hope it is the last. I have been know to drink 2-3 Two liters of soda a day, and this is very unhealthy. Recently I have identified why, and that has helped with the kicking of the habit. I am not craving it any longer, after the 1st month I have allowed myself the one on occasion, but soon I’ll be dropping all soda again. (see step 4)

Step two: (Done) Start walking more. I used to walk 4 miles a day, while walking to and from work. With the move this stopped. Well really it was with the buying of a car. Over the summer Amy and I have started walking many days on our lunch. I have also started walking some nights after work with the kids.

Step three: (done) Create a workout routine that I enjoy, and stick with it. Today (8-21-2015) I have the routine, and have done it three time. I am starting slow, and adding a rep every time until I cannot do all the reps. I am not using normal weights, but Large rocks.  The routine is as follows.
Overhead Press to Squat (86 pound rock)
Overhead press (86 pound rock)
Elevated Push Up (on rock)
Rock Slam (86 pound rock)
Rock Put (16 pound rock)
Row (86 pound rock)
Overhead carry (86 pound rock)
Soccer Throw (86 pound rock)
Carry (86 pound rock)
Rock twist (16 pound rock)

Step four: Cut out sugar and all sweeteners. If I can do this for a week Awesome. If I can go longer even better. This will be difficult, as I will have to change a lot of what I eat, but it will be for the best. If I only make it a week, I’ll do it again in a month and keep doing it until I can cut it all out. I have done the hard part with cutting out soda.

Step five: Find a 10-15 minute stretch/Yoga routine to perform before bed and on waking, and stick with it.

Adding more steps as I decide upon them. Slowly adding them to make sure I stick with the changes.

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