Thursday, February 14, 2013

Zendala Dare #43

Well I am a little late getting this up, but I really liked the idea of thisdare. The patterns I chose all make me think wow those are amazing.
First is Cubine, on of the patterns I learned early on, and that can look so different depending on size and line structure. I tried to show may different example of it in this Mandela.
Next I chose Rick’s Paradox, this is a pattern that caused me to fall in love with Zentangle® and helpped me to decide to attend CZT training.
I then added Verve, you can read about my discovery of verve here: Monodala
I have to include N’Zepple, as it took my time to figure out, and is now in my top five patterns, and still makes me say wow when it is finished.
I tied it together with a little laced, as I feel this is a pattern that really stands out in an artistic we, I underused it, but it is still hiding in there.

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