Thursday, May 16, 2013

Adventures in Monotangles #11 – Fengle

Another week has gone by….

This one has been pretty good, aside from Tuesday, we do not speak of Tuesday. Well after the last month, being sick, pulling a Muscle in my back and bruising my ribs, my plans to start working out crumbled. Over the last week I have been able to resurrect it. I have cut soda out of my diet, and I have been bringing chopped salads to work for lunch.  

See…A chopped Salad!

I have also been making it to the Gym in the AM, to work on getting my lungs back into shape (growing up with two 3 pack a day smokers gave me very bad lungs.) The in the evening a few times a week I am either hitting the weights or playing racquet ball. I think I may add the 7 Minute workout in once a day also.  I am also thinking as a cool down before bed I am going to add in a 10-20 minute stretch routine.

Click here for info on the 7 Minute workout.

This weeks Adventure is designed to make me work my mind. Fengle, is a tangle, I love, but I almost always do it exactly the same. So when I chose it, I used more arm, made the lines thinner, shaded inside out, and added flourishes. I am pretty happy with the results.

Here is a Link to Tangle Patterns for the Fengle.

Here is my Tile.

Now it is your turn, get out there and Zentangle® away.


  1. Yeah, third. Again first trying out on a scrap part of my dummy. But I managed to make it again to a final piece. Made the end parts curvy and pointy (? new english word?) and Fengle itself closed (in the middle) and open (outer part). Great to try these variations in this tangle :-)

  2. Another great choice, Roy. Thanks so much for the opportunity to try to do tangles that are a bit of a challenge. (At least for me anyway!)

  3. Think that Fengle is a great tangle for a monotangle.

  4. ooh! I did like this week's tangle - thank you Roy :)

  5. thanks for this new challenge. I love this pattern.

  6. I think I need some more practice on this one. I love how some of the other people have crossed lines and kept the tangle more airy.