Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Diva's Weekly Challenge #115

Well it is time again for the Diva’s Weekly Challenge, this time it is Number 115. This weeks challenge is an Earth day Challenge. This year for Earth-Day, and my wife’s birthday we volunteered at a local nature center. We were supposed to spend the time pulling garlic Mustard (an invasive species of plant here,) however with this being a cooler spring, the plants were not very large, and pulling them would be difficult. The nature center decided that our group could work on clearing an area for a Natural playscape. This was a bit of fun, as I still enjoy having to lift and move heavy objects. There were a large number of fallen trees and limbs that had to be hauled out, or chopped up and hauled out.

Here is a link to the nature center we worked at.

As I was dealing with trees, for Earth day, I decided to do a Tree Tile for the challenge. I decided this needed both color, and glitter. =D
Tangles: Diva Dance, Footlites, Squid, amaze. and Meer
I hope you enjoy my entry into this weeks challenge.


  1. Love this! Excellent tile for Earth Day!

  2. Really great tile. I bet the glitter sets it off perfectly - ashame it doesn't show up on the scan.

  3. Beautiful. I love the face that it is color above and black and white beneath the tree.

  4. Like the inclusion of both the tree and the roots.

  5. Great tile Roy; Hollibaugh is fantastic beeing roots.

  6. Very fun, the glitter is perfect for your sunbeams. Lovely work and color.