Thursday, August 8, 2013

Adventure #19-Cracked

Today’s Challenge is Cracked by Lori Howe.

I am still getting my feet under me, so there is not going to be a long post today.

My Tile.

The Tile from my Step-out.

Link to Cracked at tangle Patterns is here.

Link to Lori’s step-out is here.

PS Next Weeks will be posted by Wednesday, as I am going to Gen-Con at the end of next week. 


  1. glad to see your post again. Wishing you lots of loving things :-)
    tangle-greetings, Arja

  2. I have just discovered your blog. Thank you very much for sharing your imagination so generously!

  3. Roy,you picked the perfect tangle for me this week. Things will start looking up, sending prayers and hugs your way.

  4. Thanks for all the comments so far.

    I do feel the need to add something though….
    I am not sure why I choose Cracked as the Tangle for this week, but once I did the heart just seemed to fit. The heart is not a statement on the way I feel, although sometimes I am a little sad about the end of my marriage to Martha, most the time when I think on it I am happy. I wish it could have lasted, but I am grateful for our time together, and we are still friends. I did not even think of the heart in relation to the situation till after I posted it.

    Often time with Zentangle® once I decide on a string, or a tangle, that is as far as my choices go, the rest just flows, and this way such a case. I decided on the tangle, the rest was out of my hands. =D

  5. So glad to have you back with your Monitangle challenges. As I said to someone else today, often our greatest creativity comes from our toughest times.

  6. I made it! I'm a slow tangler and I have that huge swath of my day cut out by work :) Enjoyed trying this tangle for the first time. Thanks Roy!