Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Adventure in Monotangles #20 – Cockles-n-Mussels

Again this will be a short post, because it is an early post, and because I am in the middle of prepping to go to Gen-Con. As I plan on lots of fun at Gen-con I decided on Cockles n mussels as the tangle to use. This is a tangle by Margaret Bremner, and is a new one for me. She did an amazing job taking a previous tangle and making it her own. Have a great weekend with Zentangle ®

Here is a link to her step out.
Here is a link to its page on Tangle Patterns.

This is my tile:

This is the tile from my step out – coming soon:


  1. This is such a gorgeous pattern. Thank you for this week's adventure. I love how you call these adventures (rather than challenges) - that's exactly what they are.

  2. Another new tangle for me! I found this one soothing - I can draw parallel lines all day without becoming bored :D

  3. Roy, your tiles are beautiful. Especially the second one is GREAT. Also great is this weekend tangle, thank you.

  4. Hi Roy, I just checked back here and noticed your challenge to use Cockles'n'Mussels, and the face that you posted it on August 14, my birthday! How strange is that? :) Hope you are feeling better and that life slows down a little for you.

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