Thursday, August 22, 2013

Another Delay…

Well this is "MY" year for me that’s for sure….

I have made it back from Gen-Con, but the week is not going well. 1st I picked up a pretty nasty sinus infection while I was there. 2nd when I got home my lap-top was dead. The good news is I have it under warranty, but I have to send it in to be fixed. So I am without a computer for 7-12 days, while it is shipped and fixed. So as I cannot upload photos to my system or edit them the adventure is on fold for 2 weeks while I wait on my system to be fixed.

Look for a new post come September 7th 2013, I may make a few changes to the format of the site & adventure, but I will be back. Sorry about the troubles this year, it has sure been one heck of a year for me!


  1. So came to Indianapolis and did not think about lunch with one of your blog followers? I live in Indy and work downtown. My youngest (22) attended GenCon for his first time. He's a big Magic player.

    Sorry about your computer! That is the worst to be without.

  2. Hello roy
    'Ve nt heard from you for a wile...are you ok?

  3. Roy,
    Hope your feeling better and life is treating your better these days. Looking forward to your return. Blessings sent to you.

  4. This has been an experience...

    I got my computer back, and it looked as if someone had dropped it. I had to fight with the warranty company, and the decided to pay out the warranty. I now have a new system, but I still need to get stuff off of the old system. I hope to be back soon. Sorry for the long delay.

  5. OK I promise I will be back. With the computer issue, (I am still trying to recover my files), the divorce, and adjusting to a new living situation, I have been away for too long. My current plan is to be back, and have the 1st new adventure up the 1st week of December. I am retooling it a little bit, but expect more of the same fun. Sorry I have been away for so long, but I think the universe was giving me a break with the breaking of my computer.

  6. Wow, Roy, I can't even imagine going that long without a computer. Life sure has a way of butting in, doesn't it? As long as you keep getting up when life kicks you down, you are the victor. Keep getting up and we'll see you and a new adventure soon.