Thursday, March 21, 2013

Adventures In Monotangles #3

OK this is going to be short, and I am sorry for that. Last Friday I got sick, and as I was getting better I developed an eye infection. Between the cold, and the infection, I am dragging. I am not only running behind here, but I still have not finished the Zendala Dare for the week.

This week the  Adventure is a template challenge. If you want to print the template go Here, the template is available in 3.5 inches, and 7.5 inches. Good sizes for either a Tile or a ZIA.

Here is the Template…. It is designed to be pretty easy to draw by hand also.

Here is what I did. I used another of my favorite Tangles ‘Nzepple, I really wanted to do Paradox, but as that was last weeks adventure, I decided to do something else.

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to decide on a single tangle, and make this template beautiful.

Another Link to Adventure in Monotangles #3 Template



  1. Sorry to hear you're still ill. I hope you will be better soon.
    Thank you for the new adventure; your's is great!

  2. Yes, hope you are feeling better real quick.
    In my opinion, this string is really a little over complicated for a challenge and you may find folks a little reluctant to tackle it. took me almost an hour to complete.
    Just a suggestion to keep the string challenges a little easier? Just a thought.
    It is personal bugaboo to do string challenges myself...not my favorite.
    I prefer tangle challenges. But I did give it a try.

  3. Just a quick tip for the eye infection. The fastest and safest way to clear it up is to use a bit of Sovereign Silver (also called colloidal silver) applied right onto your eye either by spraying or dropping it in. It's just ionic silver in pure water and it doesn't hurt at all. Works like a charm to clear up infections including pink eye and other eye infections. Our family keeps it in the first aid kit for spraying on skinned knees, cuts, sore throats, in the sinuses and wherever else infection may be tempted to start. Way better than polysporin. Way, way better. You can get it from a health food store.

  4. Ginny, thanks for the feedback. The funny thing is I made it very geometrical thinking it would be easier, but thinking about working on it, you are correct it was difficult. I hope others still attempt it, it was fun.

    Rebecca, Thanks for the info, I am a bit of an idiot, I have a bottle of that in my dresser. I'll have to try it next time. Thanks!

  5. I can't seem to print the template doc in the correct size. I can download it, but then it prints in full page even though I did the 3.5. Will draw it out. Just FYI

    1. Wendy Thanks for the information, I'll play with it, and see if I can figure out what the trouble was. I'll fix it if I can.

    2. I had the same problem. Tried a couple of things but nothing seemed to work.

  6. Yes, this was quite the challenge. Once I found the right tangle to use though, it was a lot of fun.

  7. Hi Roy, I hope you're feeling better. It certainly was a challenge but in the end I found a couple of tangles.

  8. My first challenge, I really enjoyed it, thanks.

  9. My tangle is pretty simple this time around, I could only see triangles. Hope you're feeling better.

  10. Everyone is doing a great job. I think I have learned though that for the future, a Monotangle template should not be quite this complex.

  11. Hi Roy, after finally knowing what I wanted to do in the 2nd challenge I couldn't stop tangling with Rick's Paradox. So in this template which I did love because it was a real challenge. I haven't seen the other entries, but I love my entry. Thank you for that!