Friday, March 15, 2013

Slideshow - Adventures In Monotangles#1

Well I decided to push myself and get the slideshow done for The Adventures in Monotangles #1. 
I hope you enjoy it. I would like to say great work everyone.


  1. Grea job on the slide show. What is the deadline for this? Mine must have missed it.

    1. Cathy I am so sorry! Yours should be in there, I'll see about editing it, and get yours in there. That will teach me to do something while drugged/sick.

      To answer the question though, I'll do the slideshow the weekend follow the next adventure. My goal is Friday night, but if I am busy it could be as late as Sunday.

    2. Cathy when I went to the site I created this at yours are there.

      Here is a link to the slideshow on their site:

      I'll try and get it fixed so it shows here though - thanks for pointing it out to me.