Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Zendala Dare - The Big 50!

It is time for another Zendala Dare, this one is Number 50!

Well it’s only Tuesday and already it’s been a week of ups and downs. On the up side My cold is completely gone, and my eye is at about 80% and getting better, this makes me very happy. Down side, I have now been wheat free for a few weeks, I decided that I could risk it and have a little wheat last night, and man ….Never again. Now that I have been free of it, eating it is 10 time worse than before.
Another down, it that my original Zentangle kit that I carry everywhere, is pretty much dead. It did go everywhere with me and took quite a beating, but it finally gave up the ghost. The up side of this is that I needed a new kit and found a wonderful plastic case that I can keep many of my pens/pencils in. Photo below.
There have been other ups and down, but I will not bore you with all of them.

I really liked this weeks dare, I decided to leave off a set of lines, and it looked kind of like a pinwheel. I am happy with everything aside from the paradox, but I did that last night, and was feeling pretty bad after eating wheat, and I just did what came to mind. Here is the Dare, hope you like it, as much as I do,

The Dare:

My New Zentangle kit, that goes everywhere with me.

Sections are:
01 Pens
Bigger pens
005 Pens

I have a second one that has my gel pends Black tiles, and markers... =D


  1. Wau! Your zendala is like a comet! Amaising lines and speed.
    I say, also, wau, to Your kit :-D

  2. This zendala is soooo different; I love it.

  3. Very cool zendala! It reminded me of a comet also.

    My zentangle kit is much smaller and simpler so it fits right in my purse--a pen, pencil, smudger, and a few tiles.

  4. I wish you would list the tangles that you use under your drawings, Roy.
    It is so helpful to know which ones the artist is using.

    1. I normally do, and I'll post a guide here soon. Sorry I fogot to add that to this one.

  5. Love that you've put your zendala on a tangled background net. The center is wonderful - looks like a complex gazing ball!

  6. love you zendala.
    enjoy your new zentangle kit!