Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Diva's Weekly Challenge #111

Well I guess they say great minds think alike. This weeks Diva's Challenge was Mooka, I have been thinking about Mooka a lot this week. In fact I was thinking of using it in my adventure, but I will postpone that. I know the Diva is not going to look at other weekly challenges when deciding what her challenge will be, and I fully understand that, but as she is the original weekly Zentangle® challenge, I will do my best to avoid making mine to similar to hers. The other reason Mooka is on my mind is that I am working my way through her early weekly challenges, and for Week 10 (White Space) I choose to use Mooka. Now I had not posted it yet, so I could have used that tile for this challenge, but I think that would be cheating, so I came up with this tile which is anti-white space. Hope you enjoy it!

In the upper left corner is a Tangelation of Mooka I call Fntn that I developed at CZT training, I'll post instructions and a step-out on it this week.



  1. Interesting how you were able to get all of them going the same way in your tangleation.

  2. Nice job, your black background gives a wonderful cutout effect!

  3. I do! enjoy it that is...its beautyfull