Thursday, March 28, 2013

More of the Diva’s Challenges 6-15 & Slideshow of 1-15

Well I have been busy trying to do all of the previous Diva’s challenges, whish is amazingly fun. I do not think I can say enough about this. If you have not, go back and do the early ones, it is an amazing amount of fun!

OK 1st off I have created a slideshow of the 1st 15 Challenges, and I am thinking every 10 slides on the 5 I’ll do a new slideshow. (Efie, I’ll add music to this one!)

Here are the Tiles For Challenges 6-15:

Challenge #6 "Ixorus" – I decided to make this a Monotangle, and am very happy with that decision.

Challenge #7 "Breathe" – I choose 2 tangles that I am terrible about breathing when I draw, concentrating on breathing really made me slowdown and relax when doing both of them.
Tangles: Mooka & Paradox

Challenge #8 "Hearts for Artoo" – I ended up choosing more than 2 of the previous challenges!
Tangles: Ixorus, Mooka, `Nzepple

Challenge #9 "New Tangle: Artoo" – Glad I am doing the old challenges, I discovered this tangle and I love it.
Tangles: Msst, Artoo, Riverstones, & `Nzepple

Challenge #10 "The Space Between; Exploring white space" – When you mention White space in Zentangle® I think of Mooka, so it shows up here again.
Tangle: Mooka

Challenge #11 "Monotangle" – What tangle to do, I love doing Auraknot as a monotangles.
Tangle: Auraknot

Challenge #12 "Something Blue" – decided to do everything in blue aside from a little shading. Also decided to do a tile similar to one that would be done in a 101 class.
Tangles: Hollibaugh, Crescent Moon, Static

Challenge #13 "Non-Dominatrix" – This is a great exercise… Can you tell the last tangle I did (hint my hand was shacking pretty bad by the end.) - Again as per a 101 class.
Tangles: Cubine, Static, Paradox, & Crescent Moon

Challenge #14 "I Walk the Line" – As I am sure you can tell I like lines, so this more difficult than I thought it would be.
Tangles: Cubine, Paradox, W2, Man-o-Man, Semaphore, & Hibred

Challenge #15 "Love Your Curves, Baby" – Many of my favorite Curvy Tangles!
Tangles: Mooka, Poke-Root, Poke-leaf, Tipple, Artoo, & Indy-Rella

Hope you enjoy them!

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  1. Oh, You have been very hard-working and all zentangles are very beautiful and fine.
    I am just looking and practicing. I've taken with zengtangles but soon I'll come with this interesting challenge.
    Have a nice Easter :-)