Friday, March 22, 2013

Diva’s Challenges #1 to #5

Well folks I have decided that I want to go back and catch-up on all of the early Diva’s challenges.

Challenge #1 Simplicity  (Dec 20, 2010)
Tangles FESCU, & MSST
When I think Simplicity in Zentangle® these are the two patterns that come to mind. I love both of them, and doing them together looks wonderful.
For the 2 pencil string, I looked for a tangle that fit a rope like structure then added in tangle that sounded fun.

This was lots of fun. As you can see my border and string both went off the edge, but so be it. This was a wonderful challenge!

I had a bit of an advantage here. When this challenge was issued Auraknot was nota pattern, and for a “Star” challenge you can not beat Auraknot. I love the Tile.

Challenge #5 "Orbs" (Jan 17, 2011)
Sooo…Orbs! I decided to add am central circle, than added 2 circle attached to it, and wanted to use mainly tangles with orbs. I did not play on it, but I think it looks like an eyeball. Even so, I like this tile.


  1. A great idea, that I did not do (yet). I think I started last spring at 43.
    What I am doing is doing all the strings now and I just finished 12.
    Your tiles are great Roy and quite different, that's what you can see if you get some toghether.

  2. Roy, because of you I've decided to go back and do all the diva challenges as well. I'm only on number 3!